The Marxist Influence on the Obama Administration & the Media


Is a far left (Communist) think tank, the Institute for Policy Studies, highly influential in our government as it serves in an advisory capacity?

Recently Trevor Loudon made the assertion that Obama’s tax the rich campaign came straight from the Institute for Policy Studies, a Soros think tank (Click here for Soros funded organizations). The video at the end of this article, which he uncovered, supports his claim.

The Institute for Policy Studies claims to be a “nonpartisan” advisory organization.

Everything in the following three paragraphs comes from their site. They recently supported Troy Davis, cop killer, as do the Wall Street protesters. If you go to their site, they say the following: IPS is a community of public scholars and organizers linking peace, justice, and the environment in the U.S. and globally. We work with social movements to promote true democracy and challenge concentrated wealth, corporate influence, and military power. 

Click here for their “nonpartisan” views of Republicans, which is anything but nonpartisan.

They want social justice, nuclear arsenal reductions (elimination is the end goal),  elimination of “unjust” immigration laws (support for illegal immigration), and the end of wars in the ME (actually they want us out of the ME, leaving us without defenses in that region).  They work with ACORN on social justice initiatives. They support legalization of drugs (from Sanho Tree’s article on their Drug Policy site -“It’s time to stop subsidizing their profits through prohibition. The Obama administration has slowly shifted its policies, but much more cautiously than the times and circumstances demand.”). IPS is anti-corporate to the extreme, in other words, anti-capitalism.  They strongly support social justice and the common good (they talk about the other 98% as do the Wall Street protesters). They promote worldwide economic justice and sustainability.  They strive for the diminution of the global power of the U.S. and increased power for the U.N. and so on.

I could go on, but this clearly is a Marxist organization, which has been influential in government policy making, particularly in the current administration.

KeyWiki classifies them as follows: “The Institute for Policy Studies was founded in 1963 in Washington DC and is a highly influential, but little known source of ideas, guidance and training for the U.S. and international left. It began as a revolutionary think-tank that consistently supported policies that facilitated the foreign policy goals of the Soviet Union and weakened the position of the United States.”

In a 44 report by Cliff Kincaid, entitled,  America’s Enemies and The Institute for Policy Studies details of the Institute’s dangerous influence on the Progressive movement in this country are outlined, with numerous examples.

This special report, published in the mid-80’s, has been reissued because of Obama’s close ties to the organization, and his strengthening of organizations such as the United Nations. The Institute for Policy Studies has close ties to the Soviet Union, North Vietnam, Cuba, Nicaragua, CIA defector Philip Agee, and the Communist Party.

According to Kincaid, in a 1981 NY Times article, entitled, Think Tank on the Left, it stated that IPS is “a research group founded on self-described ‘radical’…’revolutionary’…’Marxist’… principles.”

Kincaid further shows the IPS ties to the Communist Party USA, which is funded by the Soviet Union.

The CPUSA works hand-in-hand with the Socialist Party USA and the Democratic Socialists USA; one only has to go to their sites to draw the connections. They have numerous joint ventures along the lines of the IPS policies.

The IPS, along with many Soros-funded organizations, flies under the radar. Trevor Loudon, in a recent article, Crypto Communist Institute for Policy, links them to these organizations, the labor movement, the peace movement, and the Democratic Party. I found this claim to be easily verifiable from minimal research on their site and the sites of these organizations.

Loudon states in this article: IPS also has a long history with several Marxist regimes around the world, from Cuba and Nicaragua, to the “former” Soviet Union.

So friendly was IPS to Soviet intelligence officers in the 1980s, that Brian Crozier, director of the London-based Institute for the Study of Conflict, described the organization as the “perfect intellectual front for Soviet activities which would be resisted if they were to originate openly from the KGB.”

IPS has the ear of almost every major US media outlet, hundreds of “people’s organizations,” dozens of key US Congressmen and Senators and almost certainly President Obama himself – once a founding trustee of IPS “partner” organization Demos.

Loudon further links Panetta to IPS. He links Obama’s tax the rich campaign to IPS. Read here for more information: Leon Panetta

No one is claiming that there aren’t grave inequities in the Corporate tax system, but Obama does not want to fix the tax system. He wants to tax the rich, spend without end,  and redistribute the wealth.

The obvious and powerful influence between IPS and Obama, which is evidenced in the following video, should be concerning, not because of corporate tax flaws they uncovered, but in the revelation of who they are and how they are redefining our country through our media and our government.


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