Reagan’s Daughter Patti Davis Uses Her Dead Father to Trash Trump


Even though Ronald Reagan has been dead for 14 years, his estranged daughter Patti Davis is not done smearing her father’s memory. She hated Ronnie Reagan but claims he would be horrified and appalled at the actions Trump has taken as President although they mirror her father’s. Davis is using the dead father she hates to trash the President.

Back in 2013, she declared Reagan would have supported gay marriage but she had no way of knowing that. In fact, as a strong proponent of the family, he might not have. She made that statement as she was touting a book, a first-person lesbian “love” story.

Davis led high-visibility campaigns against her father’s policies before, during, and after his presidency, wrote a series of poison-pen books about her parents and, at the age of 41, appeared in a Playboy pictorial.

She regularly referred to her father as “distant” and Nancy as “abusive.” Even the president’s critics found Patti’s three, thinly veiled autobiographical books overly jaded. A contemporary review of the 1986 novel Home Front said, “Patti Davis takes her prodigious knack for nursing a family grudge to its lowest common denominator.


After leaving office, knowing he was in his declining years, Ronnie Reagan wrote a number of heartfelt letters to his rebellious daughter. He hoped to patch up their relationship.

Presented with such a tender and private heirloom, she refused his pleas for reconciliation and sold the letter. Patti later appeared to claim that the letter was never sent. However, she sold it in 1992 for $500 plus half of the proceeds of its final sale. She could have purchased it back for $10,000 but declined.

When her long-ailing mother died at age 94, she issued a terse statement and gave a performance at the funeral. Ms. Davis reconciled with her mother during the last few years of her life.

Davis is out again using her father’s name in vain.


Ronald Reagan would be “pretty horrified at where we’ve come to,” his daughter Patti Davis wrote in a Washington Post opinion piece Monday.

“He would be appalled and heartbroken at a Congress that refuses to stand up to a president who not only seems ignorant of the Constitution but who also attempts at every turn to dismantle and mock our system of checks and balances,” Davis wrote.

She imagines her father “would plead with Americans to recognize that the caustic, destructive language emanating from our current president is sullying the dream that America once was. And in a time of increased tensions in the world, playing verbal Russian roulette is not leadership, it’s madness.”

Further, Davis says that her father “wouldn’t have tolerated” the president’s relentless attacks on the press as the enemy, even though he also “didn’t always like the press.” She said that Reagan believed that a free press “sets us apart from dictatorships and countries ruled by despots.”

The late-president’s daughter went on to bash the President’s views on immigration.

She hated her father for his views and would have nothing to do with him. Davis spent decades on a hate-capade trashing him. Suddenly now, the leftist activist is an expert on what he would say today — 14 years after his death.


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