Real Indian Entrepreneur- Shiva vs. Phony Cherokee Socialist- Warren?



Democrats make a policy of having members from their safest, read most hard left precincts, act as the public faces of the party’s most extreme positions. It’s a plan intended to satisfy an increasingly rabid base.

The mugs most often seen chattering are those belonging to Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (although her huge negatives revealed in recent special elections seem to have pushed her off stage some), Congresswoman Maxine Waters, and Elizabeth Warren.   The latter mentioned Senator from Massachusetts, who seems to revel, if not very much excel in the spotlight, may wind up facing a very interesting Republican challenger in 2018.

Meet Bombay born, legal immigrant, Shiva Ayyadurai. He came here from India as a 7 year old, graduating high school at 14. It was at that tender age Shiva, while working on programming for a small college in New Jersey, proceeded to invent Email. Given that rather spectacular achievement it’s unsurprising this newly minted American has earned 4 degrees from MIT, along with countless honors in a range of fields spanning media, medicine, art, and technology. Shiva’s also started 7 different companies.

But he’s far from a “computer nerd”. Shiva’s polished, personable, and shows a terrific sense of humor. Here are just a couple of ways that Republican has flashed his wit while going after phony Cherokee, Warren. Ayyadurai made a very clever campaign splash by saying “It Takes a REAL Indian to Defeat a FAKE One.” He then parlayed that bit of hilarity into something even funnier; while making a powerful point.

In his own words, “I sent her a DNA test for her birthday and I was very sad that she returned it. I tweeted it out and it went viral all over the Internet because see, the issue of real Indian and fake Indian, there’s a truth there because here’s a woman who actually checked off the box to say that she was Native American.”

Time will tell, but this remarkable, affable, quick witted, self made man could prove an uncomfortable matchup for the humorless, “wooden indian”, socialist, Elizabeth Warren.

But don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself by checking out this enlightening, entertaining 6 minute clip from Stuart Varney’s show.

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Frank Rauch
Frank Rauch
6 years ago

I think he stands a good chance of winning by embracing the ‘new’ way of campaigning. Boy, wouldn’t these high priced consultants be in for a big shock.

As an aside, we need new leadership in the Senate.

Nice reply, Anthony.

Anthony Stark
Anthony Stark
6 years ago

How dare you.

All LIBs know Fauxcahontas is an Indian too!!! See here: