Real Men vs Sissy Liberals


Forward, maybe not

Photo of Barack Obama throwing a ball and Theodore Roosevelt holding a gun, dressed in his frontier attire

by Gary Spina

(Copyright 2013 by Gary Spina)


To a conservative man, life is simple.  He eats when he’s hungry, sleeps when he’s tired, and chases his woman when he’s in the mood.  There’s not much beyond that.  A conservative man takes care of his wife and family and the things he has to do.  “The things he has to do” would be what’s called his responsibilities in life.

He works hard, comes home from work for a few cold beers, a home cooked meal – preferably a thick rare steak charred on the grill – and he devotes all the fire in his belly to the love and wellbeing of his family and his belief in his Creator who hold him responsible for all he does and all he does not do.  After that, leave him alone, and he’ll leave you alone.

A conservative man is always politically incorrect and unimpeded in his words and thoughts – for he answers to God, not to the least of the common of society’s populace and political elite cesspool.

He enjoys fast horses, fast cars with big gas-guzzling engines, a good three or four hour cigar, fine wine, and smooth aged single-barrel whiskey.  He likes guns, and he likes shooting guns, and to him guns have nothing to do with extensions of phallic fantasies because he leaves such psycho-babble to the liberal college professors to sit and fret over their “feelings” while he is out hunting and shooting animals and putting food on the table.

And he doesn’t enjoy killing animals, and he never kills anything he doesn’t eat, but sometimes he puts the heads of the animals he’s killed on the walls of his dens.

Oh, yeah, conservative men like dens. They like the deep northern wilderness and campfires and danger and quiet trout streams — and at the end of the day they like sitting quietly alone by the fireside and tasting the rich blend of Virginia, Mahalla, Dubac, and Mountain Leaf Latakia burning mellow and easy in their briar pipes and watching the wafting wreaths of pipe smoke in the cool dark peace of the evening woods.

A conservative man cares about the youth of America and the future of each man’s individual sovereignty. He cares about fairness and brotherhood and people less fortunate than he is, but if you are an adult and you choose to be selfish and lazy and mean and stupid, then he doesn’t bother to waste his time on you, as long as you keep your life away from his.

Oh, he is interested in changing the world, but always from within reality – always from within his own personal center of existence – that philosophical balance where all the power in his own universe lies within his own manhood and his own peace and where at any time he can make the existential choice to step outside that center.  But all of that is in reserve in some dimension of some far forever, beyond the known universe, and right now he has only his personal existential choices to define his essence and existence – every day, one exciting new day at a time.

With that depth of what he holds in reserve, a conservative man keeps his life simple and good, satisfying his various appetites and moods and his need to take care of business.

Life is good when a man understands that discrimination is a survival skill.  He discriminates against anything or anyone who threatens to compromise his family, his safety, his personal code of morality.  And he practices hatred against drug dealers, child molesters, and traitors.  But, unlike most liberals, he doesn’t demand others think as he does.

Simply stated, a conservative “believes,” and he acts on his well-thought-out beliefs.  Conversely, a liberal “feels” and acts on a mindlessness that either feels good or feels bad.

Most liberals are scared senseless of individuality.  If they are vegetarians, everyone else must be a vegetarian, and the government must have the power to make everyone conform because conformity is where everyone is safest.

If a liberal is a non-smoker or a non-drinker or a non-consumer of trans-fat, salt, and fast cars, then everyone must be made to do and be the same – for the good of all mankind.

Liberals love their government to be “masterful” — powerful enough to give and to take away, to make things happen, to redistribute everyone’s wealth, guarantee jobs and homes and healthcare and a bland, predictable education.

Liberals hate.  They hate those big wealthy, risk-taking, adventurous, cigar-smoking, gun-totting, lusty individualists who succeed in a “free to fail” nation of fearless men and women – those who remain optimists in God’s glorious world of love and freedom.

Secretly, down deep, liberals hate being “girly-man/sissies,” but they are.  They are feckless sissies because they just don’t believe in, nor do they trust the gifts and talents and fortitude God instills in all men and all women.

Simply put, liberals are afraid to fail, so they want their government to create a world where nobody fails.  They haven’t learned, as conservative men and women have learned, that a person grows stronger and wiser and grander after each disappointment, after each painful failure.

Liberals are more comfortable (liberals love the word “comfortable”) when failure is collective and communal and no one person feels its sting.  As for success – success is disparaged by liberals because success is usually achieved by raw nerves and pluck, and by believing in oneself and God, and by a lot of very hard work.

But should success come along — accidently or otherwise – liberals “feel,” too, that such success cannot be trusted because it can be lost too easily — because to maintain success, the hard work must never ends – life’s effort must never end.

Success must be fed, it must be lived and must be repeated every day, proven every day, asserted every day, renewed every day — as Sisyphus well knew.  And so, to a spineless, sissy liberal, any and all success should be collective and communal and in that way it is less guilt-ridden either in its gaining or in its losing.

And although liberals do not “feel” personally satisfied with success, they can at least feel comfortable with collective success.

Collective success is an affirmation of a universal, benevolent cooperative big government.  Success is collectively gained, collectively accepted, and collectively heralded – a sweet, blind comfort.  Anathema to a liberal is a Judeo-Christian citizenry held personally responsible to an all-knowing God.

Of course successes are few in the communal world of big government unless you are one of the elite power mongers at the top.  But that inequity matters little to the work-a-day liberal in the blind comfort of his mindless socialism.  Ah, cooperative community living and cooperative community values.

“Tofu, anyone?”





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