REAL NEWS! “Who Appointed You to the Supreme Court?” And More


The media wants you to think the real news story out of Monday’s hearings is General Flynn could have been blackmailed and it took two weeks for Donald Trump to fire Flynn even though he lied to the Vice President.

Both former acting AG Sally Yates and former CIA head James Clapper gave testimony Monday and there was no new evidence on Trump-Russia collusion. We all know if there was any, we would have it by now.

We already knew that Yates felt Flynn could be blackmailed for lying to Vice President Pence. She said it at the time of her firing and it became very public as a “leak”. We also knew that Flynn lied to the Vice President about the speeches he gave for high-profile Russians. That was announced at the time of his firing.

There was no evidence presented of Trump-Russia collusion and Sally Yates refused to answer any questions about it. Former CIA Director Clapper iterated his original contention that there was no evidence of collusion. He did say he didn’t know about the FBI investigation however. That was also not news either.

What we did learn is that Sally Yates thinks she was appointed to the Supreme Court or forgot about the separation of powers. She didn’t even understand the question. She felt the travel ban was unconstitutional though she was told it was constitutional by lawyers in her own department. Yates is under the belief that if the Attorney General thinks it’s unconstitutional, she can decide it’s unconstitutional.

The left was very concerned about the delay in firing Trump, however, why should he immediately fire someone without checking out the details? Yates is known to be a Democrat operative in the department. Her say-so was hardly enough.

Flynn has denied anything untoward and, indeed, he received security clearance under Barack Obama. Trump has mentioned that on several occasions. “General Flynn was given the highest security clearance by the Obama administration – but the Fake News seldom likes talking about that”, Trump tweeted Monday.

Also news is the fact that James Clapper unmasked Trump at least once. Circa News is reporting that data of Americans being collected increased by a factor of three in 2015 and 2016, when the presidential election became the news. This is possibly scandalous and it happened because of Obama loosening the rules on spying.

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