Real Reason Hillary Is In Hiding!


coughing hillary

Yesterday, Hillary joined the press corp on her place for 90 seconds — she keeps them well in the back — to talk about Labor Day. She promised to return and finally did, not to answer tough questions of course, but to give a speech and then fade into coughing fits.

This does appear to be the reason she doesn’t come out of hiding much — there is something wrong with her. Earlier in the day, she had a coughing fit and said it was because she is allergic to Trump.

The soon-to-be 69-year old should not be suffering with chronic and uncontrolled coughing fits if she’s healthy. It’s not an allergy and it’s not because she talks too much as she likes to say.

She accused Trump of being cozy with dictators but she is the one who pushed for Morsi in Egypt. It was Hillary who pushed the Muslim Brotherhood into positions of power in countries like Libya. She is the one who gave away our mine and our technology to the Russians and our technology to China.

Watch how her press gaggle ends and, by the way, Trump doesn’t follow Putin’s policies nor did he say he would pull out of NATO:

This is how the gaggle began earlier in case you missed it.

This was the earlier coughing fit — violent coughing fit — that she blamed on a Trump allergy.

This is a chronic cough and that is not normal. We’ve included two montages.



  1. The debates should be interesting, it won’t look good for her if she has a coughing attack during the debates and can’t get it under control. She has been having these coughing fits for months. There are other indications of her poor health, such as moments of confusion during live speeches and odd facial movements, exaggerated expressions, and uncontrollable head motion. She is also unable to climb even a short flight of stairs without assistance. This all goes back to when she was Secretary of State where she admitted that she couldn’t work more than a few hours a day because of health issues, and her staff talked about how she became easily confused and needed constant reminders.

  2. Maybe she’d ought to keep the lies about Donald Trump to herself. Everytime she goes down that road, coughing spasms, gasping for air etc. Karma has strange ways of kicking one in the rear. That and health issues which Hillary clearly has.

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