There Is a Very Serious Russian Threat But It’s Not What You Think


There is a real Russian influence in a political party but it’s not the Republican Party. Specifically, it can be seen in the communist aides hired by Democrats.

The influence in the Democratic Party can be seen in a general way in their army of young communists marching for Black Lives Matter and Antifa. It can be seen in our colleges with communist professors who have taken over liberal arts, African-American studies, women’s studies, history. The hard-left is also moving into the sciences, having gotten their open door through climate change.

The influence of communists in the Democratic Party is also a concern, especially when one prominent Democratic senator has been advised by one for years. Communist Party member Max Goldman worked for Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) who works on the Senate Foreign Intelligence Committee.

Research by Trevor Loudon shows that Communist Party USA member Maxwell Goldman worked for Senator Murphy in a variety of positions until at least September 2016.

Goldman also has close ties to several Massachusetts state politicians, including to then-state Rep. Carl Sciortino and state Sen. Pat Jehlen, Loudon points out.

The  Communist Party USA is powerful. It has close allegiances to the Communist parties of the Russian Federation, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Iraq and Iran.

Goldman is a member of the Connecticut branch of the Communist Party. He has taught workshops at the communist conferences.

Max Goldman teaching a mini-workshop at the Communist Party USA 2014 conference.

The Connecticut Communist Party Chair Joelle Fishman is chair of the Party’s Political Action Committee, which works closely with the Democratic Party. She is also the daughter-in-law of Roosevelt-era Soviet spy ring leader Victor Perlo.

Another comrade, Al Marder, is an official with the still existing World Peace Council. The WPC was once the most important of the former Soviet Union’s many international front groups.

Loudon has more details on this link.

The real threat to our Republic

Murphy is a “Progressive” and a member of the Progressive caucus. People need to know that “Progressives” embrace socialists and communists.

To sum it all up, Goldman is as hard-left as a politician can go. He advised a senator on the Foreign Relations Committee, but today the NY Times is worried about a brief meeting Jared Kushner had.

As an aside, it’s quite interesting that Chris Murphy rabidly passes oppressive gun laws.

Finally, the real problem is this: there are few if any background security checks for Congressional or Senate staffers. This is a real threat to our Republic.

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