Who Is Reality Leigh Winner As If Her Name Isn’t a Dead Away


Reality Leigh Winner

The Intercept, a left-wing publication, appears to have published the top secret intelligence document stolen by an employee of a government contractor, who is also a leftist, anti-Trumper, and a member of #theResistance.

Reality Leigh Winner has been charged and arrested for espionage. The document she stole is a hypothetical scenario with no verification that continues the Russian hacking narrative.

She is so far-left that a good case can be made for her having premeditated the leak before she was even hired. She is not stupid and speaks three Afghanistan languages.

The media is spinning her espionage case. The underlying tone of what they are reporting is it may have been worthwhile in the Russia hacking case. It’s not but that’s for our next article.

Her name reminds one of the naming that was so common in the Beatnik era. Her mother is shocked that her daughter did it according to what she told the Daily Beast.

Winner, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, was an employee at Pluribus International Corporation based out of Alexandria, Virginia since February 13. In that role, Winner was assigned to a government agency in Georgia, where she handled classified information and was awarded Top Secret clearance. She stole the NSA document and mailed it to – it is believed – The Intercept, a very far-left publication.

Winner has a Twitter and Facebook account under her own name and she also created a Twitter account under the handle “Sara Winners” to comment on a slew of political things, such as the Dakota Access Pipeline and politics.

She is everything far-left though she also showed support for Ron Paul at one point. Her tweets under her fake name are still up.

A few screenshots of her tweets:

Winner is a translator who speaks Pashto. She and Bowe Bergdahl can share the same cell. Her radicalism knows no bounds. She believes being white equals terrorism.

Someone called her an ethnomasochist.

From Facebook:

She’s a big fan of the communist hate group, Black Lives Matter.

You can guess her views on climate change.

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