Really-Left Dem Dick Durbin Saved DACA Thanks to Jared Kushner


Unionist Dick Durbin has been working to save DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) with none other than Democrat Jared Kushner. We know Kushner switched to the Republican Party on paper but he is a Democrat. DAPA (amnesty for their family) is next, either under this administration or the next, and then comes all the chain migration.

President Trump apparently now agrees that illegal alien DACAs should be given citizenship though the DACA “kids” are overwhelmingly adults and were never screened.

There is talk of it being used as a bargaining chip in exchange for some other giveaway but Nancy Pelosi has already made it clear there will be no border wall.

The President is working with Democrats in a bipartisan way but the problem with that is the Democrats get everything they want in these deals, including in the spending bill and debt deal. As far as DACA, they can be minor criminals, guilty of some non-violent felonies with up to three misdemeanors. That remains in the new bill put forward by Dick Durbin and Lindsey Grahmnesty.

Durbin told Reuters on Thursday that Kushner was his conduit to President Trump for persuading the President, to the extent he was able to, to come around to the illegal alien way of looking at things. Kushner held private meetings on the topic with Durbin and Sen Lindsey Graham (R-SC) in both April and July.

The Illinois Senator said, “We initially had a conversation (with Kushner), at Senator Grassley’s invitation, on criminal justice and I asked Mr. Kushner afterwards if we could talk about immigration, separate and apart from Senator Grassley, which we did.”

Durbin continued, “I went into … DACA because I was concerned about how this was going to unfold.” In addition Durbin said there had been telephone calls between him and Kushner as well as calls and meetings with then-Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, now chief of staff who has worked closely with former president Obama whom he has known for ten years.

President Trump is currently surrounded by globalists and Democrats.

Durbin said that Kushner once invited Stephen Miller to join them in a DACA meeting. Durbin observed that during the meeting with Miller, “there was nothing in my conversation with him that suggested” he had moved away from Sessions’ rigid stance.

One American still left in the White House! Miller’s days are undoubtedly numbered.

Durbin characterized President Trump’s announcement on DACA as initially appearing to be a setback “from what I hoped would occur based on his positive comments on Dreamers and DACA.”

He added, “But then, within 12 hours, “the president was sending messages by tweet and otherwise that were more encouraging and they continue even until this morning.”

Anything that makes Durbin, Schumer and Pelosi smile should make half of the USA cringe. If this continues, you can look to no border wall and amnesty for tens of millions.

It doesn’t matter that the DACA “kids” never bothered to apply for citizenship whey they reached the age of 18 years or that 73% of them live in low-income housing and 21% didn’t bother to graduate from high school. Some are now middle-aged because the “kids” who presented little or no documentation during the process, were up to 36 years of age at the time — and they notoriously lie about their age.

Nancy Pelosi asked the President to tweet comfort to the DACA “kids” and he did.

We should blame Barack Obama for DACA:

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