REALLY SAD TO SEE! Marco Rubio Plays to an Empty Stadium in Florida


This is sad – Marco Rubio had a few hundred people show up to a very large stadium in Florida Wednesday. His campaign should have been more prescient on this.

No one would wish this on anyone. Senator Rubio has made a series of missteps and is paying the price. He’s a little like Eric Cantor who became part of the DC crowd and forgot the people back home. His senate immigration bill probably harmed him irreparably and then he ran a faulty campaign on top of it.

Senator Marco Rubio is interviewed by National Journal's Major Garrett during the Washington Ideas forum, at The Newseum in Washington

h/t The Gateway Pundit

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6 years ago

Rubio is an extremely deceitful and self serving person. His life and career show this going back to his early days in politics. He can read scripts but is not very smart. A smart person would not have been as bold as he was with his immigration bill. He tried to leap frog over other party members by being recklessly aggressive in his sellout of his voters and country.

Terry Schuck CPCU
Terry Schuck CPCU
6 years ago

False prophets are discovered daily. He’s a politician and said one thing and acted another. The mood is starting to change in America, however, we are already at the tipping point and culturally the America that was the shining city on the hill is gone. It always happens. It has happened, again.