Rear-End Collisions Up 35% Thanks to Big Brother’s Red-Light Cameras


A study conducted on Suffolk County Long Island, where Big Brother has put red-light cameras all over the place, found that rear-end collisions are up 35% and there is only a slight downtick of accidents with injuries. 

The politicians – Big Brother – are making a lot of money off these cameras. They took in $30.9 million from the fines.

The decline in accidents with injuries was 1.5% and is too slight to assign any specific cause.

Instead of right-angled collisions, we now have rear-end collisions, but the politicians and their cronies who own the camera companies are making a lot of money.

The cameras aren’t about safety. They’re about making money. The county spends absurd amounts on people on welfare and they need revenue. There has been an uptick in welfare needs since Big Brother filled up the county with foreigners here illegally.

Distracted driving over cellphone use is now skyrocketing in Suffolk. Maybe they can implant us with cameras to keep us from doing that.

Suffolk County legislator Robert Trotta has sponsored bills to remove the cameras. On Friday, he said “If it’s about safety, they are lying to the public — period.” He has said repeatedly that they are simply moneymakers.

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