Reasons to Not Trust Ms. Blasey After Her Testimony


Mrs. Ford’s testimony was not only uncorroborated, but she offered nothing new today except to talk in a little girl voice and fight back tears. She didn’t act like the middle-aged woman she is, but rather, a victim.

Mrs. Ford frequently asked the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary during the hearing Thursday, “What can I do to be more helpful to you”. That’s because she is testifying to help Democrats stop Kavanaugh.

Democrats made some big points and emphasized her statement that she is 100 percent certain the attacker was Brett Kavanaugh. The lawyer substituting for the Republican senators, Ms. Mitchell made smaller points but she did bring out some obvious dishonest answers on the part of Ms. Ford. Unfortunately, she was interrupted in the middle of important lines of questioning by Senator Grassley.

Fox News was annoyingly supportive of the accuser as they commented during breaks. If they say she’s ‘credible’ once more, it will amount to media malpractice.

When Ms. Mitchell asked how she arrived at the date of the attack after not even knowing the year, she answered a different question. When she was asked again, Blasey answered a different question yet again. Mitchell didn’t pursue it.

Ford said she needed another door on her home because of claustrophobia but she has no problem sitting on a 15-hour flight to French Polynesia.


  • Mitchell: How did you get to Washington, D.C., today?
  • Ford: On an airplane.
  • Mitchell: When you were here in August, how did you get here?
  • Ford: On an airplane.
  • Mitchell: You’ve been to Hawaii and Tahiti?
  • Ford: Yes.
  • Mitchell: How’d you get there?
  • Ford: On an airplane. It’s easier to fly when it’s for vacation.”

She is a liar.

Despite the public nature of the Senate GOP’s offer to fly to California to meet with her, Blasey Ford claimed she was unaware of it. This was communicated both to her attorney and to the public-at-large but she claimed to not know.

She is a liar.

Ford doesn’t know who paid for her polygraph test — if you believe that.

She doesn’t remember if she took the polygraph test on the day of her grandmother’s funeral or the day after. It was a month ago (Oh, and she flew there for it), but she can remember 100 percent the accuser is Kavanaugh.

How do you forget those details but remember the details from 36 years ago?

She said she was asked on advice of counsel to take a polygraph but was happy to undergo it. She found it stressful and much longer and she had to tell the whole life story.

The polygrapher only asked two questions!!!

She couldn’t remember who recommended Jerry the polygrapher. She was asked twice and wouldn’t answer.

Not only is there zero corroborating evidence, zero corroborating witnesses, and zero corroborating statements from Ford, but the notes of her alleged 2012 revelation also never mention Kavanaugh. His name didn’t appear until two months ago, via leaks to WaPo.

Kavanaugh’s name is never mentioned in the therapy notes where she first discussed the alleged assault 30 years later.

She won’t give her therapist notes to the Senate —she’s hiding something.

She can’t remember if she gave the Washington Post reporter her therapist’s notes? That was just a few weeks — not years ago.

Mrs.Ford remembers: 

  • The stairwell
  • The laughter
  • Brett Kavanaugh

What she doesn’t remember:

  • When it happened
  • Where it happened
  • How she got there
  • How they grabbed her and who did it
  • How she got home
  • Who took her home
  • Who was there
  • Conversations she had even as recently as three months or three weeks ago.

She used her best little girl voice throughout.


Credible Christine Blasey Ford Might Have Told Another Fib

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