Reasons Why Weissmann Is Stepping Down & Endless Probe’s Ending


We heard earlier today that Andrew Weissman will soon step down from the Mueller investigation. He is the lead investigator in the Russia-Trump collusion/conspiracy fiasco. Fox News reported that Robert Mueller has been disengaged for the past year, leaving Weissmann to run the entire probe.

This announcement comes after the appointment of Bill Barr as Attorney General, who is replacing the ineffective Jeff Sessions. Barr met with the Mueller team and now the probe appears to be ending.


The office of Robert Mueller advised the courts on March 12th that they are done with Michael Flynn concerning Russia.

Mueller’s office is also done with Paul Manafort, and he has been done with Michael Cohen for quite some time.

Jack Posobiec, who can get things wrong, did predict this, and he claims that Barr blocked any more fishing expeditions which led to Weissmann’s upcoming departure from the Mueller probe.

Today Posobiec said that any indictment of Donald Trump Jr. will not go forward after Mueller met with Bill Barr. Any indictment of Erik Prince is also off the table. Jared Kushner’s is still up in the air.

All of this is happening after they met with Bill Barr. We do know that much. Something different is going on since the Session-Rosenstein leadership team was disbanded.


Weissman might be leaving so he doesn’t have to answer questions. He is an unsavory guy.

Representatives Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows have written to Bill Barr asking for information about the actions of two senior members of the Special Counsel’s Office, Andrew Weissman, and Zainab Ahmad, and their knowledge of the information in the Steele dossier in 2016.

If he steps down, reports say, he can’t be compelled to provide information.

We will possibly be told there is no collusion and unethical tactics were employed during this investigation.

Weissman and Ahmad knew all about Steele and the dossier in 2016

Bruce Ohr informed Weissmann and Ahmad in 2016 about his conversations with Steele. Ohr continued to give them summaries of his conversations with Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS and Steele as well into 2017, even after Steele was dismissed.

One of the many key questions is whether Weissman and Ahmad disclosed their roles in the transmission of the anti-Trump information from Fusion GPS and Steele to the DOJ as part of their appointment to the Special Counsel’s Team?

We also know from the OIG report of December 11, 2018, that iPhones issued by the special counsel’s office to Strzok and Page were reset after they left the special counsel probe in July 2017, making it impossible to retrieve text messages sent and received on those devices.

This week, Rep. Doug Collins released the testimony of Bruce Ohr, Lisa Page, and Peter Strzok which demonstrates vehement anti-Trump bias, illicit agreements between the DOJ and Hillary Clinton, and we learned that the DOJ blocked any charges against Hillary Clinton.

Zainab and Weissman knew prior to the Mueller probe about Ohr’s and Steele’s roles, according to Ohr. Did he tell Mueller?

We Would Like to Know When This Probe Actually Began

The Mueller fiasco looks preplanned, at least as early as August 2016 and the basis of it was very questionable. Some believe the top FBI and DOJ leadership were either paranoid or they just wanted to get Trump. There seems little justification for any probe, much less an endless one.

We believe the FBI was interested in probing Trump in 2015. The U.S. Senate released over 500 pages of information related to the Spygate scandal. In those pages are Strzok-Page texts indicating that the FBI installed multiple spies or something similar in the Trump campaign in December 2015.

One of the spies appears to be Stefan Halper who was awarded his contract in September 2015. Comey stated under oath, for what that is worth, that his probe began in July 2016.

Devin Nunes has said the FBI was into this throughout 2016.

Wray Is Clueless

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch thinks Christopher Wray is “out to lunch” and explains why. He also goes into some of what we have discovered about Weissmann.

This is the One America News Network report by Jack Posobiec:

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