Rebel Reporter Corners CNN Host Chris Cuomo Who Encouraged Extortion


CNN ‘New Day’ host Chris Cuomo, the brother of the governor of New York, tweeted about revealing the identity of the Trump meme creator who “had a lot of bigoted and hateful material on page and website”.

Actually, the reddit user’s probably not the creator, but rather the inspiration for someone who created the video. The video and the meme have marked differences.

Cuomo was supportive of the blackmail and the public shaming of the man who inspired the meme.

These CNN people feel justified because the reddit user wrote blasphemous comments about minorities to get a rise out of people. He was joking and using hyperbolic insults. We’re not in support of comments like that, but we are opposed to blackmail.

If CNN thugs don’t like what you say, they will destroy you.

This is the Cuomo tweet.

Cuomo deleted the tweet very quickly. He’s also fudging the meaning of what he tweeted.

Rebel reporter Laura Loomer cornered him on the street.

Cuomo denied everything but he says in the clip that the reporter should consider who she is defending. The CNN minion is oblivious to the meaning of free speech.

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