Records Secured by Judicial Watch Confirm a Coup Led by Rod Rosenstein?


On 9/11, Judicial Watch released 14 pages of records from the Department of Justice suggesting officials led by Rod Rosenstein attempted a coup of President Trump. It looks as if then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, upset by the Comey firing, offered to wear a wire to record his conversations with the President in the hopes of gathering evidence to invoke the 25th Amendment.

The media is ignoring this while they talk about Sharpiegate and impeachment. Impeachment is just another coup.

If you’ll remember, when agents testified this was the case, Rosenstein claimed he was joking sarcastically.

According to the records, after the report of Rosenstein wearing a wire hit the news, Rosenstein appears to have attempted to make sure everyone at the DOJ would frame the reporting as “inaccurate” and “factually incorrect.”

The records seem to show DOJ officials had also discussed characterizing Rosenstein’s reported offer of wearing a wire to record Trump as merely “sarcastic.”

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said this confirms reports of discussions of a coup to overthrow the President. He also found it stunning that his organization has done more to investigate a coup than the DOJ or Congress.

The DOJ officials also discussed appointing a special counsel and we know a special counsel was appointed.

Read the records for yourself and decide if Mr. Fitton is correct.



    • Rod is a sleazy guy. If not this, he’s guilty of something. He quickly appointed his friend as special counsel and then gave him carte blanche.

    • Notice how Barr let Rosenstein off the hook, let him leave pretending to support the end of the witch hunt.

      Beware of the con going on now – Liu “recommends” charges on McCabe. But Liu’s job is to charge, not recommend. Liu just spent weeks giving McCabe a last chance to appeal for no charges, that’s unusual and suspicious.

  1. Barr, you are another empty shirt like Sessions, protecting these treasonous and seditious conspirators using our agencies as their cover to commit illegalities and defy the Constitution. If you don’t prosecute all of them, including Hillary, you are as much a seditious conspirator for the downfall of this country as the others. Either prosecute or leave the DOJ and let someone else who loves this country and the equal justice under the law take your place. We, the citizens are tired and angry at the double standard taking place in DC. Prosecute.

    • I watched the Barr confirmation hearings in February and felt that while the press was rough on Barr, they didn’t attempt to castrate him as they did with Kavanuagh. The whole thing felt rather staged. Barr needs a presser to explain his apparent inaction. And you are correct Jane; there is a patriot in the waiting that is qualified to take Barr’s seat and start prosecuting these seditious batstards!

  2. Rosenstein, Comey And Mueller are “The Three Amigos” that go a long way back, to their ‘Corporation Caper, wherein Comey had gotten a gov’t contract(with Mueller, Dir.of the FBI then) that they BOTH benefitted Millions from. The contract was given to the corp. that gave them this money, and ALL OTHERS were “shut out of the bidding”(which is against the law) and this
    deal was PUSHED thru, benefitting Comey/Mueller. There are many more issues with the “Amigos”……

    Rosenstein WAS/IS Dirty, as HE quickly appointed Mueller to get into the action, when Sessions was NOT performing and Rod took over. This was their “Deep State Cover Up FOR Obama, who put in the Fix for Hillary, as they all worked FOR Obama and did HIS BIDDING.

    Rosenstein was NOT Kidding when he wanted to ‘wear a wire’ to Catch POTUS Trump in some kind of issue that he would THEN USE AGAINST TRUMP. Rod even KNEW what measure he’d use to claim that Trump was Unstable…(25th) and he had THAT immediately at the ready. This was NO JOKE, and HE insults those of us paying attention by his continuing to ‘keep a low profile on HIS actions in this “Coup D’Etat Against POTUS Trump. He went to the Whitehouse to LIE and claim it was not true, which Trump HAS to know he lied, so Rod thought he’d be FIRED then, but Trump IS SMART, AND HE WILL AWAIT THE RIGHT TIME, TO BEING DOWN THIS LIAR, ALONG WITH ALL THE REST. A.G. BARR NEEDS TO DO HIS JOB, OR LEAVE, AS THIS MUST NOT BE WHAT OUR GOV’T DOES: “Allowing Criminals who should be charged with Sedition NOW, and not drag this out any more than it has already been. I’d also look at FBI Dir. Wray, “who HAS also dragged his feet on giving the papers forward to the committee as TOO MUCH TIME HAS GONE BY…AND WRAY SAYS NOTHING. He is “DEEP STATE”.. and Corrupt it appears like ALL of Obama’s Lemmings, who are Still covering up for that whole Corrupt Regime.

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