Records Secured by Judicial Watch Confirm a Coup Led by Rod Rosenstein?


On 9/11, Judicial Watch released 14 pages of records from the Department of Justice suggesting officials led by Rod Rosenstein attempted a coup of President Trump. It looks as if then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, upset by the Comey firing, offered to wear a wire to record his conversations with the President in the hopes of gathering evidence to invoke the 25th Amendment.

The media is ignoring this while they talk about Sharpiegate and impeachment. Impeachment is just another coup.

If you’ll remember, when agents testified this was the case, Rosenstein claimed he was joking sarcastically.

According to the records, after the report of Rosenstein wearing a wire hit the news, Rosenstein appears to have attempted to make sure everyone at the DOJ would frame the reporting as “inaccurate” and “factually incorrect.”

The records seem to show DOJ officials had also discussed characterizing Rosenstein’s reported offer of wearing a wire to record Trump as merely “sarcastic.”

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said this confirms reports of discussions of a coup to overthrow the President. He also found it stunning that his organization has done more to investigate a coup than the DOJ or Congress.

The DOJ officials also discussed appointing a special counsel and we know a special counsel was appointed.

Read the records for yourself and decide if Mr. Fitton is correct.

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