Red Bernie Has a Path to the Nomination



Bernie Sanders has a conceivable path to the nomination and even if he loses, he has helped make Socialism viable and mainstream in this country. It’s the beginning of the end for this Republic. He’s an economic illiterate who wants to end Capitalism and replace it with a Third World economy.

Bernie promises trillions in freebies but never explains logically how he will pay for it except to say he’s at war with the 561 billionaires in the country who, according to him, don’t pay their fair share.

Imagine a United States with a leftist Supreme Court and borderline Communist Bernie Sanders as president.

Bernie does have a path to the nomination. In the latest Fox News national poll, Bernie Sanders beats Hillary by 3 percentage points.

Bernie Sanders has erased a double-digit deficit and pulled ahead of Hillary Clinton, according to a Washington Free Beacon poll of Colorado voters released on Friday. He beats Clinton 49% to 43%. It’s a caucus state and a good state for Sanders to pull out a victory.

In November, a Quinnipiac University poll had Sanders trailing Clinton by 28 points in Colorado.

Sanders is seen as the most caring. He wins big with the youth and slightly with Hispanics. Clinton has a 20-point lead with blacks but Sanders says he is making inroads in the black community.

Bernie Sanders has the momentum in Nevada, Chuck Todd told Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe. It depends on whether or not Hillary has enough of a lead as he chips away at it. If Sanders wins in Nevada, it could bring down her double digit lead in South Carolina to single digits.

“If Sanders can’t win in a diverse electorate under these circumstances, a caucus not a primary, momentum on his side,” Todd said, “being able to outspend her as he has. If he can’t win under these, where is he going to win in a state with a diverse electorate? He appears to have the momentum. If he pulls that off, it’s another week of what’s wrong with the Clinton campaign and I’m not saying South Carolina is in danger for Hillary Clinton, but instead of a double-digit win it becomes a single-digit win and then the hand wringing gets intense.”

Hillary still has her reliable firewall of black voters and that she should sweep the south.

Public Policy Polling put out the latest rankings in the states with large black populations.


Hillary Clinton was booed among applause at last night’s town hall for saying Bernie Sanders wasn’t even a Democrat.

Sanders isn’t a Democrat by the party’s previous definition, he’s a socialist, but that’s what they are now also.

Bernie’s response to Hillary’s accusation that he is attacking Obama is that he “wasn’t the one who ran against Barack Obama.”

Bernie is wooing the feminist vote to the point of admitting he’s an “honorary woman”. He made the comment during the MSNBC Telemundo town hall last night.

“I consider myself a strong feminist. And, in fact, Gloria Steinem — everybody knows Gloria is one of the leading feminists in America — made me an honorary woman many, many years ago. (Laughter) I don’t know exactly what that meant, but I accepted it when she came to campaign for me…”

Bernie appears in this next video barely able to contain his admiration for the Castros and their violent Communist revolution.

I’d still like to know who these people are who want to give up all their freedoms to the government and think a thief like Bernie is a great guy.

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