Red Bernie Wants Federal Control of Our “Occupying Armies” – the Police



Hard left revolutionary Bernie Sanders who once honeymooned in the Soviet Union and sings the praises of communist Eugene Debs, is now railing against our police to win votes. He’s tied in Nevada.

Bernie has a long communist past. Once in Vermont, he headed the American People’s History Society, an organ for Marxist propaganda. He narrated and produced a glowing documentary of communist Eugene Debs, “America’s greatest Marxist”, and still has his photo hanging in his Senate office.

Sanders spoke at black Morehouse College in Atlanta this week and focused on his plan to reform the nation’s criminal justice system and push for free college tuition.

“We started in Georgia way way way down, and you know what, I think we’re going to win right here,” Sanders said, mentioning his showing in Iowa and New Hampshire earlier this month.

In his bid to win the black vote from Hillary, he quickly and without hesitation sold out the local police throughout the country.

“Together, we are going to end the horrors that we have seen time and time again on TV of unarmed African-Americans being shot and killed by police officers,” Sanders said to raucous applause, as he decried the police presence in minority communities as “occupying armies.”

He wants to have a quasi-nationalized police force. That will do more to militarize police and turn them against people than police under local control does. He thinks there is a lot the Federal government can do – they can set all the protocols. We have already seen how that worked out in Ferguson, Baltimore, and so on.

The man’s a communist selling us on communism.

The statistics prove Bernie is lying and the fact is he wants to replace police now under local control with a Stasi-like national force controlled by the few. He fully supports the Big Government agencies like the Bureau of Land Management.

He tore into Capitalism as usual.

He promised the students marijuana would be legalized and there would be a million jobs.

“We have got to create millions of decent-paying jobs,” he said.

He didn’t explain how he’d create a million jobs by taxing and regulating individuals and business into oblivion.

Five thousand attended this rally and there was a lively pre-show.

According to Juana Summers, politics editor at Mashable, the rally was an energetic affair, with the young, diverse crowd roaring with cheers when both Sanders and rapper Killer Mike, who has been campaigning for the Vermont senator, took the stage.