Red Bernie Will Make Wall Street Pay for Free College


bernie the commie

Bernie Sanders the anti-Capitalist has a plan to pay for his free college for all, which he now says is free college for public universities and colleges only. He is lying because he previously meant free college, period. He’s been roundly criticized for that unaffordable mandate.

Sanders said university education today is what high school once was. He’s right but that but not for the reasons he thinks. It is because we have dumbed down high school and college.

His plan to pay for it is to tax the evil Wall Street speculators. If that doesn’t destroy investment and growth, I surely don’t know what will.

“…I want every kid in this country who is in the sixth grade or the fourth grade to understand that if he or she studies hard, does well , they will be able to go to college regardless of the income of their family. And we are going to pay for that.

And I will tell you how we will pay for this. I have been criticized, because it is an expensive proposition, a and it is $70 billion a year, and some of you will remember that back in 2008, Congress bailed out Wall Street after their greed and illegal behavior nearly destroyed our economy. I believe that we should impose a tax on Wall Street speculation. If we could bail out wall Street, now it is Wall Street’s time to help the the middle class of this country.”



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