Red Brennan Thinks Trump Is Treasonous After All


Former CIA Director Red Brennan condemned President Trump Friday night on Bill Maher’s nonsensical “Real Time with Bill Maher”.

The best part comes in at 3:00 on the video where Brennan again says Trump is treasonous after changing his mind about that several times.

Both Maher and Brennan acted as if there was nothing odd about this.

Brennan’s allegedly concerned about Trump playing to his base and dividing Americans. He claims he’s afraid it will cause violence in the streets.

That’s what Brennan himself is encouraging. He has literally called for an insurrection. He also whined about losing his security clearance.

The former Gus Hall supporter is upset that Republicans don’t agree with him.

If you don’t agree with this incompetent former government employee, you must be mistaken.

We can’t say if he is still a Communist but he is calling for insurrection. Also, his behavior under Barack Obama was that of a useful idiot.

Go to 3:00:


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