Red China Aligns with Dems to Swing the 2020 Election


Red China is our frenemy, mostly enemy, and they steal our intellectual property or they get it gratis when a company opens up for business in their country. The companies have to give them their secrets and follow their Communist rules.

That is ethically questionable and the U.S. has made these violent, dangerous people a Super Power.

President Trump is responding appropriately battling them and if a President had taken this on before now, it wouldn’t be so difficult. If all the Republicans and the Democrats worked with him, he would do better. They’re not, they’re letting China know they should hold out and Democrats will give them a better deal.

Trump’s saber-rattling has gone to a new level. He is ordering companies to look for alternatives to China and consider coming back to the U.S.

Red China is not allowing our products to be sold in their country, the trade deficit has grown quite large and is unfair, they steal our property, and they send massive amounts of Fentanyl to this country. They have taken our jobs.

Whether he should be ordering private companies to leave is another question, but he’s not wrong to take on China. CNN is predictably calling him a dictator. Democrats didn’t mind when Obama stole the profits from GM investors in favor of union bosses, but that was okay.

China just put $75 billion of tariffs on our goods and that brought out a stronger response from the President. They are placing tariffs on automobiles and agriculture products in swing states to turn his voters against him and to keep him from winning. The Chinese are united with the Democrats in this country to swing an election.

They are truly interfering in our elections. Will Jerrold Nadler demand a probe and a special counsel???

The Commies would settle for Trump giving in, but it’s looking like that will happen. It is very worrisome to think of farmers and car manufacturers suffering, but is this China’s fault? Is it a noble cause?


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