Red Diaper Baby Bernie’s DEMOCRATIC Socialism in Action!


creepy bernie

Red Diaper baby Bernie Sanders likes to say that he’s not a Socialist, he’s a DEMOCRATIC Socialist and the difference is YUGE, I mean YUGE!

A woman with a sign reading “We starve” protests against new emergency powers decreed this week by President Nicolas Maduro in front of a line of riot policemen in Caracas on May 18, 2016 CREDIT: AFP

The difference between Socialism and Democratic Socialism is Democratic Socialists get to vote. Here is an example of what that means in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Venezuela via the telegraph UK.

Maduro’s grip on power is weakening.

Around 1.85 million Venezuelans have signed a petition to recall the president. While this is far above the 200,000 signatures needed to kick-start the process, it has been complicated by the government’s control of the national electoral council.

Even if the names are verified, the opposition must gather more than four million signatures in a second round to secure a recall referendum.

This must be completed before January 10 next year to remove Maduro from office and trigger fresh elections. Any later, and the constitution states that vice-president Aristóbulo Isturiz will serve out the remaining two years of Maduro’s term.

Isturiz has been a loyal sergeant, claiming that Venezuelans have “acted too late” to meet the January deadline. “You don’t like Maduro? Deal with it,” he said last week.

In Venezuela, government-imposed price controls, combined with an astounding 700 percent inflation rate, have made toilet paper so scarce that it’s more valuable by the square inch than the Venezuelan currency one must use to buy it. A hamburger now costs $170.

Venezuela is a Democratic Socialist Republic exactly like what Bernie Sanders wants here in the US with centralized government determining wages and prices, a YUGE welfare state and government-dependent populace who are heavily taxed and regulated.

Bernie likes to say he doesn’t mean Venezuela or Cuba, he means Denmark and Sweden but they aren’t socialist, they are welfare states that are moving away from socialism. Everything Bernie wants is what we see in Cuba and Venezuela.

Bernie is the man who honeymooned in Soviet Russia and named his city of Burlington a sister-city to cities in  Puerto Cabezas in Nicaragua, Yaroslavl in Russia. He is an admirer of the Communist Sandanistas and the Castro brothers, though he did say the Castros aren’t perfect.

The scary thing is that if Bernie were young and handsome, he’d win by a landslide.


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