Red Francis Blames Wars, Poverty in Socialist Hellholes on Capitalism


The Red Pope once said nations shouldn’t take in more migrants than it can handle but at the same time, he condemns all efforts to to stem the flow. He especially hates walls and believed that one on the U.S. southern border would make the U.S. “prisoners” of its own isolation.

Such gibberish. His comments were made during an interview with a Spanish journalist.

The Pope has some very looney Third World ideas garnered from Liberation Theology and communism in his native Argentina.

He attacked capitalism again.

Via The Crux:

Francis said “in general” capitalism provokes the situations of poverty that drive people to flee, because “fewer and fewer reach people with a lot of money and there are more poor people with very little money.”

He blamed capitalism for the wars and financial devastation that take place under thuggish socialist rule.

“This is the hourglass,” he argued. “Capitalism conceived of as a savage, not a social market economy […] What doesn’t work is the world of finance. This also creates wars, for the possession of wealth, does it not, whether they are international or national? I argue that we are already in a third world war, in pieces.

His silliness about walls is ensconced in flowery language but those of us who get it hear only blah, blah, blah.

He who raises a wall ends up a prisoner of the wall he erected,” Francis said, according to Crux Now. “That’s a universal law in the social order and in the personal one. If you raise a wall between people, you end up a prisoner of that wall that you raised.”

Then why doesn’t he fly these anonymous people into the Vatican?

The Pope demonized countries that traffic in arms as nations that “have no right to talk about peace.” Red Francis has a problem with self-defense:

Are they fomenting war in another country and then want peace in their own?” Francis asked. “That theory will boomerang. Life charges them, one way or another. If you arm the war there, you will have [the war in] your house whether you want it or not.”

The U.S. armed Ukraine. Is he talking about the U.S.? What does he suggest Ukraine to do if Russia tries to completely overrun them?

While he says he supports autonomy, he then at the same time, supports being overrun.

“Yes, I defend my autonomy, yes. But you’re left alone like a mushroom,” he added.

As a religious Catholic, I can honestly say I won’t listen to a word this uninformed leftist says, Bring back the real pope – Pope Benedict.

There is a good article at The American Thinker you might want to read.


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