Red Francis made Christmas about open borders & hearts of “darkness”


Pope Francis, the hard-left Pope, made Christmas about the evil of detention camps. His Christmas message was about the “inhumane detention camps” for migrants just looking for a better life.

He denounced the “walls of indifference” and “inhumane detention camps” that greet migrants around the world.

Tens of thousands of people gathered in St. Peter’s Square to hear the pope’s address, during which he also said that “the light of Christ is greater” than darkness “in human hearts,” The Associated Press reported.

The “Urbi et Orbi,” which translates to, “to the city and to the world,” is a now traditional moment for popes to address suffering around the world and call for change, according to the AP.

Pope Francis discussed migrants who are forced “to emigrate in the hope of a secure life” and their difficult journeys, referring to the dangers they face along the way and “inhumane detention camps″ around the world.

As migrants reach “places where they might have hoped for a dignified life,” the pope said, they “instead find themselves before walls of indifference.”

He also spoke in some lovely ways about the suffering of the Syrian people, but what will he say when the bastion of freedom is overtaken by some ill-intentioned illegal aliens?

What will he say then?

Tear down your walls Pope Francis and let everyone wander in. While you’re at it, bring back the real Pope, Pope Benedict. Render unto Caesar Pope Francis.

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