Red Hen Democrat Restaurant Reopens to a Protest in Lexington


About 13 protesters greeted the opening of The Red Hen Democrat restaurant. The leftist owner kicked press secretary Sarah Sanders and her family out on June 22nd after they began eating the appetizers.

The owner Stephanie Wilkinson did it because she doesn’t like the President and Sanders is his mouthpiece.

Wilkinson marched in the leftist Women’s March with her family, all wearing pussy hats. She’s committed to the leftist ideology.

On the night of the event, one of her staff called to tell her Sanders was in the restaurant. She rushed down and, after a brief meeting with her staff, some of whom she said are LGBT, the decision was made to boot the Sanders party.

It led to an uproar that received national and even some international news. Mrs. Sanders has filed a Civil Rights complaint against the restaurant.

After the event, the owner and others joined her to hold signs and abuse the family who ate in a restaurant across the street. Mrs. Sanders and her husband had gone home by them, disgusted with the way they were treated.

Wilkinson had a lot of supporters but most of the feedback was negative, against her. The President weighed in and referenced how dirty the outside of the restaurant is. The restaurant closed down for nine days and the owner had the outside cleaned up while it was closed. It reopened Thursday.

There appeared to a be private gathering taking place Thursday and a sign outside said it was fully booked.


The protesters held signs and expressed different opinions about whether they wanted to see the restaurant go out of business.

One protester held a sign saying: “We Shall Overcome…Democrats.” Others waved American and Virginia flags, according to a report in The Roanoke Times.

Some protesters said they hope The Red Hen goes out of business, while others demanded a public apology to Sanders from the owner.

Protester Jeff Hulbert told the newspaper it’s probably been “nothing but chaos” for the people working at the restaurant. However, he added: “We want to make a point that this place should be a place where all people can enjoy themselves.”

And Paul Brockman told WSLS-TV: “Actions have consequences, so some of the consequences (are) people like us being out here to alert the general public of what they did and let the marketplace decide.”

Others showed up to support the message Wilkinson sent when she refused service to Sanders.

“I thought it was very brave what the owner did,” Don Mandelkorn, who stopped by the restaurant Thursday in hopes of dining there, told the Times.

“It probably didn’t come easy. It was probably a difficult decision, but we wanted to support what she did, the actions she took.”

Is it brave to kick out an official and her family just trying to eat dinner? We have one sick society if that’s how we define bravery now.
It’s sad that these Northern leftists move to these beautiful conservative locales and ruin them.


  1. Gee, it was OK for some right wing radical conservative to refuse to bake a cake for a gay couple’s wedding (this is “religious freedom”), but NOT OK for the owner of a restaurant to refuse to serve Sarah Sanders (I call this “political freedom”)? Refusing service to someone is only reserved for conservatives. Typical right wing hypocrites!!

  2. She didn’t just kick them out either. When Sarah’s relatives went to a nearby eating place to eat instead, Stephanie and her mob followed them to harass them there

  3. It was brave to kick out a Republican and conservative by a Screeching Leftist ?

    She had to be sure she had some level of support before she did the ‘brave’ thing, yes? And guess what? People will show up at your restaurant to ‘support’ it, if wealthy Dem donors spring for the meals. It’s a cheap way to make it seem like your brave, instead of the craven jack(azz)anapes that you show yourself to be, Steph.

    • So it’s okay for right wing conservative radicals to refuse to bake a cake for a gay couple (according to them this is “religious freedom”), but NOT okay for the owner of a restaurant to refuse service to someone he politically disagrees with (I call it “political freedom”). Typical right wing conservative hypocrites!!

      • The gay couple was NOT refused SERVICE. The owner of the shop was only refusing to make a gay themed cake. The owner of the bakery told them they could buy anything in the shop. He did not throw them out. Apples to oranges. Stephanie Wilkinson, literally threw them out. The owner had a right to refuse baking a gay themed cake due to religious reasons. The gay couple knew in advance that the owner of the bakery did not condone the gay lifestyle. The gay couple purposely caused havoc for the owner. The owner of the bakery had to literally spend THOUSANDS of dollars to use his RIGHT as an American citizen., SCOTUS ruled he was in the right. Political AGENDAS are NOT covered by your rights.

      • Political freedom means you can hold whatever views you wish, support whom you wish in the arena of politics, or even public discourse. But I fail to see how it applies to the Red Hen mgmt. It was certainly not an “inclusive” or “compassionate” action, nor was it “accepting” of people having a differant point of view. Nor was it freedom of speech, it was failure to serve a customer based on one’s political preferences. Make of that what you will.

  4. >>> I graduated from W&L 40 years ago. I remember that red brick building, it’s across the street from an elite fraternity. People used to wonder aloud what to do with it, it seemed like a place where something significant could happen. Although Wilkinson emigrated into Lexington bringing her radical liberalism, the town already had its own purveyors of this ideology. <<<<

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