Red Hen Owner Runs Historic Downtown And They Just Threw Her Under the Bus


[Historic Downtown Lexington Facebook page was taken down. They were railing against Stephanie Wilkinson who has now resigned as Director of Downtown Main Street]

Apparently, Meryl Streep’s cousin, Stephanie Wilkinson, the owner of the Red Hen and a bully who kicked out Sarah Sanders and her family mid-meal, runs all of Downtown Main Street Lexington. She is the Director of the area.

Unfortunately for her, the officials of historic downtown are very unhappy with her rude, bullying tactics. She’s been thrown under the bus and rightfully so.

The representatives of historic downtown wrote on Facebook:

We do not condone the actions of Stephanie Wilkinson, owner of the Red Hen Restaurant and Director of Main Street Lexington.

The negative impact and nasty backlash towards our little community is downright appalling.

Please do not condemn our town for one persons actions.

To The People, Mr. President Trump & Secretary Sarah Sanders we sincerely apologize for the poor behavior and decision of ONE PERSON!

If you feel the need to express negative comments, please re-direct them to Stephanie Wilkinson directly. Thank You

Lexington is wonderful. There is a lot of history and it’s not an expensive place to stay. It’s a pity she’s shamed them.

The Historic Downtown officials have a poll you might want to vote in. She isn’t doing well.

If you are going to avoid her restaurant, she owns a shop called House Mountain Yarn. You might want to avoid that too.

Hypocrisy and the inability to look at oneself honestly is a Democrat trademark. Look at the sign in the window. She is spreading hate and acting like a 6th grader, but the right are the bad guys?

The sign reads, “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.” Obviously, she wasn’t serious, it’s merely there as a decoration.


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4 years ago

Removing her from the position of Director of the Area would be a good place to start. As long as she is in control I am not sure that I would be comfortable anywhere near a are she is in control of.

Leon Mintz
4 years ago

There should be the truth in advertisement. If it is called a steak house, they should serve steaks. If it is a Kosher place, people expect it to be Kosher and you cannot demand pork. If you want to serve only people with TDS, place a large sign at your entrance and on all your WEB pages and so on. When you demand people to leave in the middle of the diner it is a harassment and business should be liable for that. If you don’t want to bake a special cake for a gay wedding, you don’t have to. BUT, you don’t have a right to bring the cake to their ceremony and create a commotion. Red Hen should be fined!

4 years ago

It went beyond just refusing service. The owner Followed Sarah Across the Street to Another Restaurant. THIS IS STALKING the Press Secretary. Therefore any comparisons are invalid.

4 years ago

Lexington VA, how about you redirect comments to that bigot? YOU are the ones that allow her to take care of Main Street Lexington….It’s going to be a long long hot not for profit summer……

4 years ago

i hope her business tanks!!! she is a very stupid person to treat sarah with such disrespect and then think it will not have repercussions. she deserves what she dishes out.