The Red Pope Responds to Sex Scandal by Setting a New Priority


The Red Pope announced plans to combat the “emergency” of plastics littering seas and oceans, according to The NY Post. Pope Francis isn’t responding to accusations he ignored the sex scandal involving children and newly-ordained priests, but he is back on climate change.

The Pope of strange priorities is trying to galvanize the flock with a message this past Saturday, calling for people to save the “great waters and all they contain.”

The misguided Holy Father said efforts to fight plastics litter must be waged “as if everything depended on us.” [Who, us? Catholics?]

The pope also denounced as “unacceptable” the privatization of water resources at the expense of the “human right to have access to this good.”

The Pope isn’t big on private property or capitalism.

Francis urged politicians to apply “farsighted responsibility” and generosity in dealing with climate change, as well as migration policies including about those who “risk their lives at sea in search of a better future.”

Migrants – yes, climate hysteria – yes, but children and priests abused by his clergy – not so much.

[This is not satire]


The news about 1,000 children abused by 300 priests in just one state, in some of the most horrific circumstances drew an apology from the Pope. He blamed clericalism. His defender Cardinal Cupoch blames the latest accusation that the Pope ignored it on racism because the Pope is Hispanic [even though he’s the child of two Italians].

Is it the Pope’s effort to distract perhaps? The Pope isn’t interested in his role as religious leader, he’s a politician.

Never mind that the plastics in the ocean problem is coming from Asia that his flock has no control over.

U.K. Express reports that 90 percent of all plastic in the oceans is carried from ten rivers in India, Africa, and China.

Not many Catholics there and not many people in those countries listening to him. The Pope is, as usual, blaming the West for something caused by others.

This is beyond ridiculous even for me as a Catholic. Bring back Pope Benedict! This pope is so wrong.


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