Reddit The_ Donald Is Quarantined in Time for the Debates!


UPDATE! Soros-Brock Media Matters and Carlos Maza set the page up. See the update at the end!

Reddit has censored the very popular America First, The_Donald page, immediately before the Democrat debates! It just happened!

Reddit claims that even though The Donald is monitored, they are finding too many violations of Reddit’s policies against violence, including against police and Oregon officials.

We haven’t seen violence. It’s not a violent page although there is always the occasional jerk, sometimes a leftist trying to get the supporters in trouble. Everything the Sentinel ever posted is quarantined, and we have had innocent comments removed, including any mention of David Hogg or AOC.

The Reddit page has 754,000 users.

Internet censorship is real, perverse, and our congresspeople are helpless or choose to be. Haters and Stalinists win.

These are the offenses:

You can possibly see the page here on this link. This quarantine was very timely. They don’t want anyone finding out the Democrat candidates are buffoons.

Hate against the right is A-OK!



Carlos Maza, the man who got Steve Crowder banned from YouTube and the Soros-Brock Media Matters set up the page, demanded the banning for threatening police. Ironically, the subreddit is VERY PRO-POLICE!