Redistricting Republicans Out of Existence in VA with Hillary’s Law Firm


Democrat operatives have been redistricting in swing states. George Soros, Barack Obama, and Eric Holder are leading the initiative. Now we have Hillary’s lawyer Marc Elias drawing up redistricting maps in Virginia that will likely swing the legislature Democratic.

Marc Elias, Perkins Coie

Virginia judges picked a redistricting map this week supported by Democratic superlawyer Marc Elias that favors his party and could cost Republicans control of the House of Delegates in the state this year.

Elias is a partner in the D.C. law firm Perkins Coie that was responsible for the monies exchanged in payment of the dossier. He is also the top lawyer for Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign.

In this case, African-American leftists brought the redistricting lawsuit.

“In Virginia, the Federal Court in the long-running state house redistricting case has ordered the special master to adopt the alternative-map configuration we advocated,” Elias said. “We are one important step closer to the end of the GOP’s racial gerrymander.”

And one step closer to a permanent Democrat electoral majority.


Changing Electoral Map for 2020 Has a Lot More Blue

  • This is just one of many ruthless plans the Left using once again the old worn out minority(black) excuse to change districts, with open borders the evil plan will be complete, no more Republicans. The GOP is asleep.