‘Refuse Fascism’ aka the ‘Resistance’ Endorses Antifa, Blasts Pelosi


The ‘Resistance’ is “Resist’ is ‘Refuse Fascism’ is ‘Antifa’ and they are all supported by many Democrat politicians and many in Hollywood. Funding for all can be traced back to Soros’s ‘Alliance for Global Justice’.

The main leftist Anti-Trump group, ‘Refuse Fascism’, has openly endorsed Antifa and criticized Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for her barely-critical statement of Antifa.

‘Refuse Fascism’ is the lead organizing ‘Resistance’ group behind almost every group protesting Trump. It’s Hollywood’s favorite organization. Hollywood has never condemned Antifa.

The Daily Caller reports the resistance group issued a statement Saturday declaring its support for Antifa and hammering its critics.

Antifa describes themselves as an Anarcho-Communist organization achieving “peace through violence”.

Refuse Fascism’s statement accuses all critics of Antifa as siding with “fascism.” The statement was titled “Shameful, Dangerous, Wrong Attacks on Antifa.”

Here is an excerpt:

“Differences over tactics, where they exist, must not divide the people’s resistance. Distancing and effectively joining in the threats and attack by this fascist regime, and other government authorities, is not only morally bankrupt, it also accommodates and quickly leads to collaboration with fascism,” Refuse Fascism stated.

“To stand against injustice at this moment requires firmly understanding that the attacks against ‘Antifa’ are designed to intimidate, suppress, and divide all opposition to fascism. The threats and attacks on Antifa and anyone else standing up against fascism, especially attempts by the state to brand them as ‘terrorist’ or put them on watchlists, must be opposed.”

Antifa is an international terrorist group, declared such by Germany in 1970. They were begun in the USA by The Revolutionary Communist Party members, Carl Dix, Andy Zee, and Sunsara Taylor. The international group originated in 1932 Germany as a Communist Anarchist group to combat Nazis.

Ironically, their flyer calls Trump and Pence fascists, bigots, and haters.

‘Refuse Fascism’ is backed by a progressive charity, ‘Alliance for Global Justice’, that is in turn funded by left-wing financier George Soros, a major labor union and several large companies, as TheDC’s Chuck Ross first reported. The group lists Ivy League professor and DNC platform member and Communist Cornel West as one of the group’s “initiators.”

They helped fund ‘Occupy Wall Street’, a Communist and Socialist organization.

They don’t have a problem with property damage because they don’t believe in private property, much as NYC Mayor De Blasio doesn’t.

Massive demonstrations which will turn into riots are planned for November 4th and aimed at ousting the administration and overturning our Capitalist system of government.

Presentations from the conference reveal the group wants to disrupt the “ability to govern” of America’s leaders and make them “lose respect and legitimacy in the eyes of people here and internationally.”

Costing America’s leaders “international legitimacy” is key because it “is a very critical calculation for the rulers of this country.”

Antifa apparently has to stop fascism by attacking police and innocent photographers.

On September 14, Ben Shapiro, who didn’t even vote for Donald Trump, will speak at Berkeley but this group plans to silence him with violence and property damage.

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