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  • “To register for our newsletter, which is sent out weekly, fill in the box on the bottom right on this site.” I don’t see any box on the bottom right I am trying to re-register for the newsletter and not every new posting. Help!

  • I’ve tried to sign up for the newsletter but keep getting a “mail deliver failed” message and am frustrated. Please, sign me up to receive emails from ya’ll. Yes, I’m from the South. Why do you ask?

  • Love the Stewball article from July 2013! We are STEWBALL………such a great analogy!
    Laurel Ryan
    Grafton, Ohio

  • We are in a real down fall and 98% of amercians don’t have a clue. The rest of the world however knows.

  • Thank you for alerting the American people to what is going on at DHS. People need to get off the sidelines and into the game, or we will become Europe. Please add me to your subscriber list. Thank you!

  • A good friend told me to check out your site. It is excellent! Please send me your newsletter! We all need to be aware of what’s going on around us!