#ReleaseTheMemo: It Exposes Corruption at the Highest Levels, a “Palace Coup”


Rep. Jim Jordan told Martha MacCallum during her show Friday evening that the FISA memo, which is a four-page summary put together by Devin Nunes, reveals “shocking” abuse at the “highest levels” of the FBI and DoJ.

Democrats have not read it.

We already know a lot about the dynamics between agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Strzok is the agent involved in just about every case, from the investigation of Hillary emails to the case made against General Flynn. Strzok told his paramour Lisa Page in an email that there was an “insurance policy” in case Trump should win. The email further indicated it was discussed in Andy’s office, which would have likely been Andy McCabe.

They wouldn’t have been in Andy’s office unless Andy was there. Andy was the Deputy FBI Director at the time, a right hand man to Jim Comey. The memo to some degree must cover this threesome although we know it involved others like Bruce Ohr and Rod Rosenstein.

Rep. Jordan can’t give details of the memo but he did provide hints, focusing in on what appears to be a plot to take down the President and overturn the election. He told Martha:

The Clinton campaign paid for the dossier. Think about those text messages from Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, where they talk about — remember the text messages where they talk about ‘walking through Wal-Mart, I can smell the Trump supporters’— the derision they have for  the people who supported the President. The anti-Trump bias, the pro-Clinton bias and then think about the text messages that talks about an insurance policy to make sure Donald Trump is not elected by the American people.

Jordan also mentioned the Chuck Schumer threat that if Trump goes against the FBI they have ways to get even. Also mentioned was the unmasking. Jordan said we do also know that the Clinton campaign paid Fusion GPS who paid Christopher Steele who paid Russians to provide so-called intel about Donald Trump.

This memo seems to prove there was a “palace coup” as Rep. Gaetz explained this past week. The memo will likely be released soon.

The list of people demanding the memo be released is growing. Rep. Hice joined the crescendo.

Remember when Hillary said not accepting the results of the election goes against our democracy [it’s a Republic]? She berated him along with the media for allegedly saying he wouldn’t accept the results, but, in fact, who didn’t support the results of the election? Hillary and her henchmen didn’t.


  1. Those that oppose the release of the MEMO most are those same corrupt individuals that would be exposed by its release. Asking them to support the release is analogous to asking Congress to vote for term limits or fixed 3% pay raises.

  2. Why are they waiting. It’s reported it will take 19+ legislative working days to release the Memo. It seems they are “stalling”. I had read that Rosenstein met with Ryan at the last minute to prevent the vote on opening up the Memo to Members. I hope this isn’t the typical stalling tactic by Congress to let the furor die down and then keep it hidden. It’s quite possible Rosenstein is concerned of the fallout to the DOJ/FBI and is working preemptively to prevent the knowledge escaping to the public, because the exposure Could be the start of a new type of Church Committee. In such a case there is NO way the media would be able to provide cover for THAT. Also, it may be that Rosenstein is not complicit in any wrong doing but merely has the desire NOT to inflict that upon an Institution he has high regards for. In any case it would leave him as PART of the Problem. The entire situation is antithetical to rule of law AND the country as a whole.

  3. I really thought Tucker Carlson was just a little more intelligent.

    In his interview with Don Jr. he mentioned that Trump should “declassify” the Memo. The Memo is a House Intelligence document, so does Tucker really think Trump has the authority to act in the Legislative Branch. Does he NOT know basic Civics. We learned this in Grade School, but I guess since I am quite a bit older than him maybe he didn’t learn the basics and possibly it’s because of the education system.

    • Jordan explained on Fox News the process for releasing the memo.

      “Here is the process: Chairman [Devin] Nunes in the Intelligence Committee in the House he can he bring the committee back together. They can have a vote. If the majority of the committee votes to release these documents, the executive branch gets a certain amount of time to review them. If the executive branch gives the thumbs up they go public,” he told Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “This could happen real quick. Chairman Nunes is committed to getting this information to the public

  4. It is my understanding that Chucki Schumer’s threat against Pres Trump that if he “goes against the FBI”, (The corrupted FBI full of traitors and criminals who are felons), that he, Chucki Schmumer, has ways to “get even” constitutes a threat against the legitimate President of the United States and thus should be locked up and charged with a FELONY.
    Schumer’s statements are further, obstruction of Justice, and other crimes, in protecting the expose’ of serious crimes by top FBI, CIA, Department of Justice and Department of State officials, and also implicate Schumer as both before and after the fact.
    It is time to expose Schumer as a co-conspirator in the conspiracy to corrupt the FBI, CIA, the State Department and the Department of Justice.
    CLEAR AWAY THE SCHUMER SMOKESCREEN AND LOCK HIM UP; He is just another MOBSTER, but more dangerously like a thief, employed inside the bank falsely to protect the bank. .

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