#ReleaseTheMemo, This Is What Is Said to Be in the Memo


The Washington Post reports that the now famous MEMO, the 4-page summary and attachments compiled from intelligence documents by Devin Nunes, links to the congressional request of the Justice Department to file charges against Christopher Steele for lying about the dissemination of the dossier. That request came from Senators Graham and Grassley.

The document has been reported by some congressmen to be shocking, alarming, and evidence of corruption at the highest levels. There might be more information than what The Washington Post is reporting.

WaPo reports:

“A document described by House Republicans as a top-secret memo about [FISA] surveillance ‘abuse’ contains talking points focused on discrediting Fusion GPS, the firm that hired a British ex-spy to compile intelligence reports about alleged connections between President Trump’s associates and the Kremlin.”

“It suggests that the former spy, Christopher Steele, lied to FBI agents who interviewed him during their probe of the 2016 election and that this purported lie was included in a successful application for a federal court order to conduct electronic surveillance on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.”

In other words, the FBI used opposition research disguised as intelligence to spy on the Trump campaign. It’s not talking points if it’s a summary of intelligence documents. We need to see all of the information.

Adam Schiff has been calling the data talking points. He has also labeled it a right-wing conspiracy, one promoted by Russian bots.

This set of documents could show collusion between the FBI and the firm conducting opposition research for the Clinton campaign and DNC. It could also show that the FBI used  gossip obtained from Kremlin agents (Steele obtained the dossier information from Russians) to take down the President.

If true, this appears to be the “insurance policy” of agents Lisa Page, Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe and others. This memo and intelligence attachments are said to name names.

So far 180 House Republicans have read the document out of 240 while none of the Democrats, or possibly one, Adam Schiff, have read it.

Some Republicans have been very vociferous and appeared on television, calling for its release. Even some low-key Republicans like Rep. Holding have expressed shock.

“Having read the memo I was shocked, absolutely shocked — shocked and disappointed,” said Rep. George Holding, a former United States attorney from North Carolina who often used FISA in his former work. “I can’t say anything about what’s in the memo…but I think anyone reading this would quickly understand that the process was abused.”

Rep. Dave Joyce (R-Ohio) said Saturday the House Intelligence Committee “plans to begin” the release process very soon, if not immediately.

The process, he said, might take up to 19 congressional working days. According to the House’s 2018 calendar, that means the earliest the document could be released is sometime in mid-March.

That’s too long. Someone needs to get a cold and accidentally release it.

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