What a Relief! Al Gore Has Been in Touch with God on the Morality of Climate Change


Al Gore was interviewed by Interview Magazine. Everyone will be relieved to know that he is speaking about climate change from the highest authority. He’s apparently so in touch with God that he knows what God wants us to do about the climate.

Gore said humans are treating the earth as an “open sewer,” and God expects us to take responsibility.

“Regarding the climate movement,” Gore said, “there are people who say, ‘God is in complete control of everything that happens, and if the Earth is getting warmer, then maybe God intends that.’”

He continued: “Well, no,” the guy with the massive carbon footprint insisted. “God intends for us to take responsibility for how we treat God’s creation, and if we choose to use the thin shell of atmosphere surrounding our planet as an open sewer for 110-million tons of global-warming pollution every day, the consequences are attributable to us.”

In conclusion, he said: “And if you are a believer, as I am, I think God intends for us to open our eyes and take responsibility for the moral consequences of our actions.”

Well that’s a relief. He’s wired into God’s thinking not his.

Of his climate change religion, he says, “I feel no temptation to say, “I told you so.” My role in this is not that of a seer or prophet…”

He’s out promoting his sequel to his error-filled first film, An Inconvenient Truth”. The new film is “An Inconvenient Sequel”. We hear he’s down to his last $300 million and God told him to make more money.

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