TPP Has An International Commission That Could Make Us Into a European Union…videos


Sen. Sessions spoke about TPP on the Levin show June 10th and asked him why Republicans would vote to give this president this kind of authority. Sen. Sessions explained there are many who see free trade as a religion and will vote not knowing what’s in it.

Sen. Sessions is most concerned about the establishment of an International Tribunal which is in the deal. He sees it as robbing us of our sovereignty and freedom. “It has all the earmarks of how the European Union was formed,” he said.

Leftists and many conservatives are opposed to the trade deal for different reasons but all agree they should have more information on what’s in it before Congress agrees to fast-track authority.

The left is traditionally against trade deals and the right supports free trade with the concern in this case being this is not really about free trade. The deal is secret and the people are being told they are not allowed to know what’s in it.

Mitch McConnell says we will know what’s in it and we can reject it, however, many say that will be too late since Congress has relinquished their Senatorial 67-vote to approve treaties and will instead approve with only a one-third plus one vote.

Mr. Obama originally planned to give Congress no say and this was their attempt to have some say. It might have been better if they moved to impeach him but that could lead to a race war.

TPP wasn’t supposed to be about climate change but Mr. Obama asserted in two recent speeches that he will use TPP to enforce his climate change agenda on the world. Since many won’t comply, it will mostly fall on the U.S.

He said TPP won’t affect immigration law but experts found that its sibling TISA does appear to regulate immigration law and falls under TPP fast-track authority. Congress is now planning legislation that will stop Obama from using it in that way but can they cover all the bases?

Julian Assange of Wikileaks is a leftist who has leaked four of the twenty-nine chapters and is trying to get the remainder. Appearing on a far-left Internet show – Democracy Now – he makes his points.

TPP will determine 40% of the global economy and is the largest international treaty ever negotiated. It includes 600 U.S. companies.

He claims the top secret TPP is about regulating the Internet. Only five are about trade. Every aspect of the modern economy, even hospitals and banking services is in the TPP. It is embedding ultra-modern neoliberal structure in U.S. law and other nations and putting it in treaty form, making it very hard to overturn. To change it would require other nations involved.

As an aside, in doing so, doesn’t it appear to set up a global infrastructure for the new world order?

Assange gives an example of a hospital being built. If someone wants to build a hospital but there is a private one nearby, TPP gives the private hospital the right to sue based on future, EXPECTED profits, which are not real but only a claim. Assange says it has a chilling effect on environmental and health law. That could be a positive for many people who see environmental law as out of control.

Only multi-national companies get the right to sue the government. Companies operating purely in the U.S. in relation to things happening in the U.S. will not have this right.

Each one of these multi-national’s suits cost on average – ten million dollars – even if they are in the right.

Governor Perry no longer supports the TPP. He said TPP is an “animal” that “needs to go away” because: it is secretive; what we’re hearing is concerning; and with this president, who is not honest or transparent, we need to be circumspect in granting him authority. [But won’t he take it anyway?]

“Mr. President, If you don’t trust the American people enough to tell the American people what’s in this trade bill,  we don’t trust you enough to pass it,” he said.