Remarkable! 9th Circuit Sides with Trump Temporarily on ‘Stay in Mexico’


The 9th Circuit temporarily backed President Trump’s stay in Mexico policy which was stopped by Judge Seeborg earlier this week.

We kid you not — the 9TH CIRCUIT. We might have to stop calling it the 9th CIRCUS.

Late Friday the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a temporary stay on a lower court’s ruling that would have stopped the Trump administration from keeping asylum seekers in Mexico to await court hearings.

A three-judge panel issued the temporary stay on Judge Richard Seeborg’s Monday ruling late Friday.

Seeborg had sided with far-left civil liberties groups who want to halt the practice while their suit challenging the policy proceeds.

His order was scheduled to take effect Friday afternoon. Seeborg stated that the policy is in violation of U.S. law because it fails to evaluate dangers migrants are faced with in Mexico. The suit was filed on behalf of 11 Central American asylum-seekers by leftist advocacy groups.

Their reasoning is that it’s too dangerous for migrants to stay in Mexico. The migrants already embarked on a long journey with hardened criminals, but now the migrants are worried about their safety? The far-left groups say making them wait in Mexico would increase the humanitarian crisis (brought on by criminals, far-left agitators, the U.N., and the migrants themselves, not the United States.).


In the past, families seeking asylum have been released into the U.S. to await their court appearances. Lawsuits are currently underway demanding there be no detentions and aliens released immediately for safety reasons.

The new policy keeping migrants, aka illegal aliens, in Mexico until their court hearings took effect in January, with more than 1300 asylum seekers sent back to Mexico so far, according to the government of Mexico.

We get 1300 in a day crossing the border. This hardly puts a dent in any of it.

The stay in Mexico policy is the result of a shortage of detention space.

The Rio Grande Valley Border Chief said that in their sector alone, they get a caravan-equivalent number of migrants every week.

The temporary Court of Appeals ruling gives civil liberties groups (Democrat leftists) until Tuesday to submit arguments on why the asylum policy should be put on hold. The government has until Wednesday to argue why it should remain in place.


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