REMARKABLE! US & Mexico worked out an excellent deal!


The United States and Mexico have reached an agreement and the proposed tariffs on Mexico are suspended indefinitely. Mexico has agreed to control their southern border they share with Guatemala. They are sending 6,000 national guard troops to the border on Monday.

They will allow migrants awaiting conclusion of the asylum process to be sent to Mexico. Mexico will provide job opportunities to migrants. They will also stop human smuggling and trafficking organizations [some are funded by Soros].

If that doesn’t work, Mexico will try other actions.

No President has ever succeeded in winning a cause using tariffs. His unpredictability works and it worked here. It’s remarkable.

The Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard called it fair because the U.S. has agreed to stop the tariffs and will also help with a plan for development in Central America. There is no agreement to give them money.



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Bean Dip Tray
Bean Dip Tray
3 years ago

I’m sure that the Mexcrements intend to honor their end of the deal. Riiigghhttt.

Vincent Morrie
Vincent Morrie
3 years ago

Mexico is too corrupt to keep a deal. Just wait a few weeks and there will be more stories of mass crossings.

3 years ago
Reply to  Vincent Morrie

I’m placing my money on your prediction. But Trump still has that tariff stick in his war chest and proved he will use it. And that is more than Obama, Bush or Clinton would have done and definitely more than the 24+ Democrats running for the presidency would do. Every one of them would just open the borders just as lone as they were protected from the scum.