Remember ‘bean lady’ who trashed Mexico’s free ‘pig food?’ She’s in Jail!


The entitled lady, who complained about the free food in Mexico, calling it “pig food,” did get into the United States illegally. Now she’s in jail for assault, and her sister too. They beat up the woman who gave them a place to stay.

These two give the word ‘ingrate’ a whole new meaning.

She complained about the free food and is apparently used to a finer cuisine than refried beans [which happens to be good]. She should go back to wherever she came from to get that better food.

“The truth is, the food that they’re handing out here is terrible,” the woman complained while holding up the food platter. “Look at what they’re giving us. Refried beans, as if they were feeding the pigs. And the truth is, we don’t have any other options. If we don’t eat this, we will die of hunger,” according to the Spanish translation of her answer.

What a jerk. There is nothing wrong with refried beans. That was in November 2018. Soon after, both she and her sister were spotted in a Dallas restaurant. Her name is either Gomez or Mirian Zelaya Gomez, but mostly she’s known as the ‘bean lady.’


She is in jail now and, with a little luck, the authorities will be able to deport her. Do we really need another criminal in the United States?

Ms. Gomez and her sister are now being held in a detention center in Dallas, Texas on a $10,000 bond.

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