Remember Jim Jones! Pelosi Says “San Fran Values Are What We’re About”


Minority House leader Nancy Pelosi was boasting of San Francisco liberal values, putting them on an ethereal plane and suggesting these are what Democrats are about.

“I don’t mind when they say things about me like I’m a liberal,” Pelosi said while waving her fist in the air giggling. “I like that.”

“But when they say San Francisco liberal as if to make it sound like it’s something negative, them’s fightin’ words. Don’t attack my city,” Pelosi said.

“But, San Francisco values, that’s what we’re about.” She equated their values to St. Francis and peace, but there is someone else who molded the leadership of San Francisco, and he wasn’t a saint. He was a mass murderer.


Hillary’s former campaign manager, John Podesta once called Republicans a “cult worthy of Jonestown.” It was one of the nation’s most dangerous and corrupt cults, and it was integral to the success of the far-left Democrat Party in California.

Podesta had to apologize because it is Democrats who embraced and followed Jim Jones. They’ve conveniently forgotten.

Jim Jones, Power Broker for Feinstein, Pelosi & Others

Jones, who founded the Peoples’ Temple, was a power broker in San Francisco in the 1970s. His group controlled the Bay Area and demanded unwavering loyalty from anyone who sought political office. George Moscone, Willie Brown, Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi were some of the leaders of this group. Pelosi had become the state Democratic Party chairman for northern California and came from the city of San Francisco.

In 1976, Assemblyman Willie Brown, later the longtime speaker of that body, compared Jones to Martin Luther King, Angela Davis, Albert Einstein, and Chairman Mao in an introduction.  It was meant to be a compliment.

That same year, Walter Mondale, Jimmy Carter’s vice-presidential candidate, met personally with Jones. So did Jimmy Carter’s wife, Rosalynn. San Francisco mayor George Moscone, later assassinated in 1978, even appointed him to San Francisco’s housing commission.

Dianne Feinstein joined the rest of the San Francisco board of supervisors in honoring Jones “in recognition of his guidance and inspiration” in furthering “humanitarian programs.”

There is no clear evidence any of these leaders ever rejected Jim Jones and his communist cult.

Jones opened a second temple in LA. In time, he had seven temples spread out in California. Jones was able to mobilize huge numbers on behalf of the Democrats with very little notice and his services were critical.

Jerry Brown, California governor then as now, actually spoke at Peoples Temple.

He had a voter fraud operation for the Democrat Party

After Jones’ death, his voter fraud operation became widely known. Jones would bus out-of-towners to the polls. Nonvoters were “pushed around, roughed up, physically abused.” As the Times noted, “there is little doubt that [Jones] controlled the votes of several thousand of his followers, enough to make the difference in a close election.

Jerry Brown, Harvey Milk, and other powerful people in San Francisco lionized Jones.

The so-called Rev. Jones preached the gospel according to Karl Marx. “I call capitalism the devil,” Jones said from the pulpit, “and socialism is God.” The Symbionese Liberation Army, Jones maintained, “moved us a little closer to change.”

Jim Jones eventually had to flee to Guyana with a thousand of his followers.

Jim Jones, murder, then mass murder

In November 1978, U.S. Congressman Leo Ryan traveled with a team to investigate the compound, following up on rumors that people were being held against their will or being abused.During a second visit, fifteen members of the cult said they wanted to live with Ryan. It was the trigger for Jones.

Upon his departure from the compound, Ryan and four others, including three reporters, were shot and killed. Another eleven were wounded by Jones’ men. That’s when Jones called for the mass suicides of his own cult members.

He oversaw their suicides and he either killed himself or someone else shot him. More than 900 died with 300 under age 17. More than 70 percent of the dead were black. Fewer than 100 members survived because they had left the compound. They were given cyanide in grape-flavored punch — the Kool-Aid people are always told not to drink.

He was one of the people who turned California leadership towards communism/socialism.

Jones helped created the economic nightmare of socialist policies that we see in California today. The state is laden with debt, drugs, income inequality, high taxation, heavy regulations that stunt progress, and homelessness. It is the socialist utopia.


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Tommy Tunez
Tommy Tunez
3 years ago

Too bad we can’t convince Pig-Lousy and her hordes to return to the old ways of drinking the poison Kool Aid. I would be more than happy to whip up a batch for them.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

This is the America we will have if these evil Communists ever take full control of this country. Pelosi are you proud and chuckling about this part of your history?

John Vieira
John Vieira
5 years ago

Things have not changed one iota…Jones would be very comfortable with the present group of self styled left of centre progressive liberal democrats.

5 years ago

he bussed in his congregation for moscone’s mayoral election
moscone won by 4000 votes and everybody knew it was thanks to jim jones.
voter fraud has always been the real platform.
it’s a cult. they run a never ending inquisition
because nothing binds the faithful to the faith better than burning a heretic-
unless it’s lynching an apostate.
it explains the crazy.

Albert Moore
Albert Moore
5 years ago

What an epic scandal.