Remember the Liberal Republican Meeting That Was Supposed to Crush Conservatives



A secret meeting at the Ritz-Carlton on Amelia Island was held in April. It was sponsored by liberal Republican members of a group called Main Street Advocacy which has the seeming intent of planning the defeat of conservatives in upcoming elections. Eric Cantor attended. It might have been his death knell as the congressman from the 7th district in Virginia, a red district.

Main Street Advocacy, a Republican establishment advocacy group that received seed money from K street, is an organization created expressly to fight limited-government groups who challenge Republican Party officials and to promote liberal and moderate Republicans in government positions.

The group believes that the Tea Party is costing them valuable seats in the Congress.

Their first ad in November was aimed at the Tea Party losses. The ad cites what it calls a “Hall of Shame,” including Representative Todd Akin, Republican of Missouri, who lost his bid for the Senate last year, despite a Tea Party endorsement, after he said a “legitimate rape” rarely causes pregnancy.  Akin did in fact have very little Tea Party support.

“The reason that Harry Reid and the Democrats control the U.S. Senate is thanks to the efforts of the Club for Growth, FreedomWorks and the Tea Party,” Main Street Advocacy President Steve LaTourette said in the release for a video containing brief clips from Richard Mourdock, Todd Akin, and Christine O’Donnell.

LaTourette had a point. The Tea Party backed the candidate with the least chance of winning. On the other hand, once she won the primary, the establishment attacked her along with Harry Reid.

If the group wants to destroy the Tea Party, all they are doing is energizing them.

What they don’t understand is that the Tea Party is not confined to one or even several groups. The grassroots Americans who value limited government and the Constitution comprise the “Tea Party” when the establishment and the liberals go too far.

Main Street Advocacy and their SuperPac, Defending Main Street, is funded by corporations and lobbyists but they took seed money from far-left donors for affiliated K Street front groups. In other words – George Soros and friends, which includes some labor unions and the Chamber of Commerce, all of whom are strong advocates of illegal immigration.

Steve LaTourette, liberal Republican and former congressman, is the face of the group and a good friend of John Boehner’s.

LaTourette, a former member of Congress, is a corporatist and an unregistered lobbyist. His wife is a lobbyist. Mr. LaTourette, in one interview, acknowledged that his work with the Main Street Partnership may indirectly benefit his lobbying firm. “It isn’t bad for business,” he said. “But it is not by design,” reported the New York Times.

Their Defending Main Street SuperPac includes: Big Labor: the International Union of Operating Engineers and the Laborers’ International Union of North America Main Street. They produced 20% of the funds. The PAC is also in bed with the anti-Tea Party Chanber of Commerce. All want cheap labor from illegal entrants to the U.S. Don’t expect to see the border closed any time soon.

They say they are conservatives with values such as fiscal responsibility, limited government, individual liberties, and belief in the power of free markets and free people but they support amnesty and they support radical environmentalists. Radical environmentalists who fund “Main Street” Republicans sabotaged House conservative efforts to open up drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

An article on Real Clear Politics said the following:

“Main Street Partnership’s chief operating and financial officer is Sarah Chamberlain Resnick. She also serves on the partnership’s board of directors and previously served as an officer of the soft-money-raising Main Street Individual Fund. The MSIF is yet another spinoff group that received $50,000 from progressive billionaire George Soros in 2002 soon after it was created. Soros also dangled a “seven-figure contribution” in front of the Main Street Partnership, but Resnick said the group declined that one. The MSIF accepted a separate $50,000 Soros donation during the 2004 election cycle. It was mysteriously returned in November 2005 after I called attention to it.”

There is big money involved and it includes George Soros-backed organizations. The group has multiple offshoots housed in DC such as the Republican Mainstreet Partnership.

This pro-bailout, pro-debt, pro-amnesty, anti-drilling group founded by former liberal New York GOP Congressman Amory Houghton includes three liberal Senate Republicans (John McCain, Mark Kirk, Kevin McCarthy and Susan Collins) and 52 center-left House Republicans. Kevin McCarthy hopes to become the House Majority leader when Cantor steps down. It will be a bad move for Republicans.

It says on their site that “Main Street Advocacy has committed to a multi-million dollar campaign through television, radio, digital media, social media, mail and boots on the ground to work to prevent right-wing special interest groups like the Club for Growth and FreedomWorks from hurting efforts to grow the Republican Majority in the House and retake the U.S. Senate.”

The Tea Party and any right-wing organization that dares to put forth a candidate and who they label “extremist” is their target.

“We want our party back,” said former Representative Steven C. LaTourette of Ohio, who is leading Main Street Advocacy. “And we are going to do what it takes to accomplish that.” It is a party with no room for conservatives apparently.

Under House ethics rules and federal criminal law, former lawmakers are prohibited for one year from communicating with members of Congress “with intent to influence official action on behalf of anyone else,” even if they are doing so on behalf of a nonprofit group, like the Main Street Partnership. However, LaTourette has participated over the past year in private events, sponsored by the Main Street Partnership, that have brought him into direct contact with sitting members of Congress, the group’s own website shows, reported the NY Times.

Chris Barron, a spokesman for the Main Street Partnership, said they have not violated any rules. There is “no cone of silence” and former House members speak all the time.

Earlier this year, the group sponsored a secret meeting on Ameilia Island which was exposed by the conservative director of the Media Research Council, Brent Bozell. It became fodder for the conservative media with Bozell calling on Cantor publicly to not attend.

John Boehner backed out of the event but Eric Cantor attended. It didn’t help him in his red district.

It wasn’t simply this meeting however.

While Cantor was seemingly worrying about catering to the left of his party, he lost his constituents back home. He wasn’t even aware that he had.

Eric Cantor tried to be all things to all people and was non-productive in meeting his constituents needs. He caved into Obama on virtually every issue and immigration was probably the last straw. He didn’t fight Obama on anything and he blocked conservatives on every turn. People saw it and he lost – big.

David Brat had a simple plan including limited government, free markets, controlled immigration. A couple decades ago that would have been boring but now it’s revolutionary and he’s an extremist.

The people of the 7th district spoke and they said it was time for a change.




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