Remember How the 9th Circuit Wouldn’t Let Students Wear American Flag Shirts


From left to right: Daniel Galli, Austin Carvalho, Matthew Dariano and Dominic Maciel. These boys with friend Clayton Howard were asked to turn their American flag T-shirts inside out or go home when they wore them to Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill on Cinco de Mayo.

The Ninth Circuit, which famously overruled the President of the United States and decided national security for all of us, has a history of being idiotic. For example, people might recall how they agreed that American students in an American public school couldn’t wear American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo because it might offend the Mexican students.

The 9th Circuit affirmed a decision by a lower federal court in San Francisco that upheld a school district’s ban on the wearing of American flag shirts on a California high school campus in 2010 during Cinco de Mayo (May 5th)—a Mexican holiday.

Government officials were allowed to ban the American flag on a public high school campus!

The loons didn’t want to offend the Mexican students by allowing American students wear American flag shirts in an American school. First Amendment be damned.

On May 5, 2010, school officials from Live Oak High School in the Morgan Hill Unified School District, California, prevented five students from wearing American flag t-shirts because the officials did not want to offend “Mexican” students on “their day”, Cinco de Mayo.

The celebration was co-sponsored by the radical M.E.Ch.A. but the school approved it nonetheless. The Mexican children were allowed to wear the colors of the Mexican flag.

The school pretended that not allowing the American students to wear the flag shirts was only to avoid violence, but they didn’t seem concerned about Americans committing violence.

The students wearing the American flag shirts had been on campus for over 3 hours when they were approached by an assistant principal and ordered to turn their shirts inside out.  When the students refused to disrespect the American flag, the school official directed them to the principal’s office where they were lectured on the importance of Cinco de Mayo and given the option of either removing their shirts or leaving school.  The students refused to remove the shirts, so they left school and then filed this civil rights lawsuit.

There was no doubt the school deprived the American students of their rights.

The lower court found the school’s actions did not violate the students’ rights and the idiots in the 9th Circuit affirmed. The 9th Circuit said the American students’ rights were not infringed.

The United States Supreme Court refused to hear the case.

The best news, however, is the Senate GOP is putting forth a bill to dismantle the “nutty” 9th Circuit. The 9th Circuit takes in the entire West and 80% of their cases are overturned! Anyone who’s not far-left doesn’t have a prayer in that court.

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