Remember When Obama Praised Violent Leftist Rioters?


Ferguson burning.

The MSM had no problem with the Ferguson, Occupy or Baltimore riots nor did they have a problem with former president Obama’s support of the violent leftist agitators. Yet, nothing President Trump says will satisfy the left. If he doesn’t name the white supremacists and dares mention the violent leftists, the left goes wild. After he then condemns the white supremacists, the left says it’s too late.

Baltimore burning

It was very different for Barack Obama.

As an example, the Black Lives Matter movement was built on the Michael Brown, Hands Up, Don’t Shoot, lie and it was and is funded indirectly and in part by Hillary’s and Obama’s campaign fundraiser George Soros.

Baltimore riots

During a meeting in Spain with the president of Spain in mid-July 2016, Obama actually compared the band of violent third world type leftists in Ferguson and elsewhere to “abolitionists”, “women’s suffrage activists”, “war activists” and so on.

Obama said they have transformed America for the better.

Protests [riots] can be “messy and controversial,” he said as he encouraged protesters to “maintain a respectful, thoughtful tone”. This was after five Dallas officers were assassinated by a racist simply because they were white cops.

That same month, one of the leaders of Black Lives Matter and a visitor to the White House, DeRay McKesson, got himself arrested at the Baron Rouge protest for a photo-op. It was the site of the shooting of Alton Sterling.

Alton Sterling was a felon who waved a gun at a homeless black man who then called police and identified Sterling when police arrived. Two officers saw the gun in Sterling’s pocket, tussled with Sterling and eventually shot and killed him. It is not clear who shot first – Sterling or the officers. This was followed by riots stirred up by Black Lives Matter and ended in the shooting of innocent Baton Rouge police officers.

Then there were the “rages”. Hundreds were arrested at the Black Lives Matter hate group’s “Weekend of Rage” in St. Paul, Baton Rouge and other cities across the nation.

Never did Obama’s support waiver nor did that of the MSM.

Remember when only Fox News reported this next march?

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