Remembering Hillary’s State Department Quashing Investigations of Prostitution, Pedophilia


This is a very disturbing report by NBC News from June 2013. The State Department was accused of covering up crimes of prostitution and pedophilia, quashing an investigation of sexual offenders within its ranks, while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

An ambassador and security personnel were said to be involved in sexual crimes but a top State Department, Patrick Kennedy, allegedly made a call and quashed the investigation to save face and save jobs.

Several memos with examples of these allegations had been made available to NBC News.

The State Department is responding to claims that officials may have covered up alleged illegal and inappropriate behavior by department personnel, while an ambassador is accused of “routinely” soliciting sexual favors. NBC’s Chuck Todd reported.

The alleged coverups included keeping quiet separate IG investigations that found that members of then-Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton’s security detail had engaged hookers and that the Belgian ambassador had solicited underage prostitutes.

The ambassador was a Hillary donor named Howard Gutman and it was the  Undersecretary of State for Management Patrick Kennedy who ordered the investigation ceased.

Former Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman was allowed to retire in July 2013. A State Department investigator believed Gutman solicited “sexual favors from both prostitutes and minor children,” according to the Post. The IG’s Office is reviewing the charges and the Department’s procedures and plans to release a followup report. Howard Gutman and members of Clinton’s security detail were also accused of hiring prostitutes.

The personal Gmail account of a State Department whis­tle­­blower, Richard P. Higbie, a diplomatic security agent, was hacked, and four years worth of messages — some detailing alleged wrongdoing at the agency — were deleted.

The emails were said to have included the evidence about misconduct by top officials at the Department, communications with other potential whistleblowers, and correspondence with members of Congress who are investigating allegations of misconduct by State Department employees to include use of prostitutes, soliciting child sex and more.

There were other “coincidences” .

Former State Department IG senior investigator Aurelia Fedenisn was a whistleblower who attested to the misconduct. She became the victim of serious harassment.

There were reportedly a string of investigations by the service, responsible for protecting dignitaries and investigating crimes within the Department, that were allegedly derailed by senior officials, including one instance of interference by Clinton Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills. Mills had a significant role at State, and was also rumored to have quashed any investigation into the sexual shenanigans of State Department employee Brett McGurk.

McGurk was to be appointed U.S. Ambassador to Iraq but Obama was talked out of it. The State Department simply gave him a sequester-proof salary and a made-up desk job until he was named the new Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) of State for both Iraq and Iran. There is no senate confirmation needed for that job.

As part of a release of OIG reporting into various State Department acts of debauchery, prostitution, child solicitation and other such acts, we learn this:

The third DS internal investigation in which OIG found an appearance of undue influence and favoritism involved the unauthorized release in mid-2012 of internal Department communications from 2008 concerning an individual who was nominated in early-2012 to serve as a U.S. Ambassador. (The nominee’s name was withdrawn following the unauthorized release.) DS commenced an internal investigation related to the unauthorized release of the internal communications. The then Chief of Staff and Counselor to the Secretary of State [Cheryl Mills] was alleged to have unduly influenced that investigation.

OIG found no evidence of any undue influence by the Chief of Staff/Counselor. However, OIG did find that the Assistant Secretary of State in charge of DS [Eric Boswell] had delayed for four months, without adequate justification, DS’s interview of the nominee, and that delay brought the investigation to a temporary standstill. OIG concluded that the delay created the appearance of undue influence and favoritism. The case was ultimately closed in July 2013, after the nominee was interviewed and after DS conducted additional investigative work.

McGurk was exonerated apparently.

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