Remembering the Youngest Victim of the Boston Marathon Bomber with a Park


Martin Richard

A new park opened today in honor of 7-year-old Martin Richards who was murdered by the Boston Marathon bomber. His sister and mother were seriously wounded that day and he was the youngest victim.

How nice that they remembered the victim in Boston.

Martin’s Park
Beautiful boy

Evil does exist.

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4 years ago

The Boston Marathon bombing happened because the FBI was warned but refused to listen to a foreign entity (Russia) that had “dirt” on 2 brothers. And who was FBI Director at the time? Robert Mueller. Captain Obvious investigates President Trump for non existent crimes and prosecutes many of his associates for process crimes that he created but ignores Hillary Clinton who really did collude with Russia while Secretary of State and financed the fake Steele Dossier which was illegally used to start all the investigations into President Trump. Think about it. Accurate and credible intelligence is good to have no matter where it comes from but the key words are, “accurate” and “credible” and not fake or invented.

Nettle Tea
Nettle Tea
4 years ago

That is amazing that Boston in the glorious people’s republic of Massachusetts remembered.
I doubt many in Boston were happy about the Rolling Stone cover making the bomber out to be some rockstar.