Rep. Carson Looks Forward to 35 Muslim Reps and Speaker Tlaib


Muslim Rep. Andre Carson (D-Ind) envisions Muslim Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich) of ‘m****f***er’ fame becoming Speaker of the House when they get 35 Muslims in Congress. He made his comments at the terror-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) reception honoring him, Tlaib and another Muslim, Ilhan Omar (D-Minn).


Carson was asked about Tlaib’s comment calling the President a “motherf***er,” and he said, “I love her. I’ve known her for decades. She’s a fighter, and I stand with her.”

“And we should stand with her,” he added to a cheering audience.

He thinks of Omar and Tlaib as superheroes who came when he was feeling alone after Muslim Keith Ellison left Congress.

“All of a sudden I looked in the sky and saw Wonderwoman come out of nowhere,” Carson said. “And then I looked on the other side, and I saw Storm from the X-Men come out of nowhere.”

“We’ve got firepower in Congress. We’ve got sister Rashida [Tlaib] in the House, and she’s tough.”


“She’s the kind of sister you take to a debate with scholars with you because she’ll rock the house,” Carson continued. “She’s also the kind of sister you take with you if you’re about to get jumped because she’ll fight too. That sister’s tough.”

Carson said it was essential to have three Muslims in Congress, but that he would not rest until there were five more Muslims in Congress in 2020, and ten more by 2022 or 2024.

“In 2030 we may have about 30, 35 Muslims in Congress,” he said.

“Then we’re talking about Madame Chair Rashida. We’re talking about Madame Chair Ilhan,” Carson continued.

All of these people are very, very far-left. If you are happy with this turn of events and their goals, thank the Democrats.



The hard-left radicals say it’s okay to call opponents in the administration, motherf***ers. They have no class whatsoever.

Don’t forget, these are Democrats and if you like what they are doing, thank a Democrat.

They will make us into a Third World hellhole. It’s only a matter of time. Rashida, who was sworn in on a Quran, is a hater who made it clear she did not apologize for the rude comment. She said she was sorry it was a distraction. The media is covering for her, claiming she apologized. With a corrupt press, we won’t survive.

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