Rep. Crenshaw destroys Omar’s Maduro arguments as she cries racism


Dan Crenshaw politely crushes Ilhan Omar for her bizarre defense of the socialist dictatorship in Venezuela by blaming the U.S. for its collapsing economy. He explains why it’s socialist policies that destroyed the nation.

After Vice President Pence called her out, Rep. Omar made herself a victim and claimed if you disagree with her,  you’re a racist.

The Vice President offered a logical argument and she really doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Omar is dishonest. She makes everything about racism, and she has to know that isn’t the case. People don’t like her socialist ideas and her nasty, illogical arguments. It has nothing to do with her race.

  • I hope this woman keeps it up until even the DNC is obligated to impeach her. Everything she says is either treasonous or just plain stupid.

  • Well, what does everyone expect from a Somali refugee muslim who happens to be ungrateful that the US saved her families lives? Send her and her family back to Somalia. I’ll donate to the trip, one-way.