Rep Dan Crenshaw Reminds People Why Hong Kong Is Important


The situation in Hong Kong is deeply troubling. The people are faced with an incremental takeover by the Chinese Communists who plan to rule Hong Kong with whatever force is necessary.

The semi-autonomous Chinese city-state is currently fighting against amendments to an extradition law that would allow a person arrested in Hong Kong to face trial elsewhere, including in mainland China.

Earlier on Monday, crowds descended on the airport and Chinese officials called for the authorities in Hong Kong to exercise an “iron fist” in tackling “violent crime.”

“Hong Kong’s radical demonstrators have repeatedly attacked police officers with extremely dangerous tools,” Yang Guang, a spokesman for the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office, told reporters in Beijing.

“They have already constituted serious violent crimes and have begun to show signs of terrorism. This is a gross violation of the rule of law and social order in Hong Kong, which is endangering the lives and safety for Hong Kong citizens.”

The writing is on the wall and the people of Hong Kong are desperately acting in a way that would make their demonstrations a global news story. As U.S. lawmakers start to respond, Chinese officials are telling them to back off.

The protesters are waving American flags and singing the U.S. national anthem to symbolize their revolution, their fight for freedom against communist autocracy.

It would serve Democrats well if they remembered how the U.S. got to where it is today as they move towards socialism and authoritarian rule.

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