Rep. Gohmert Grills Sessions on DoJ Links to Democrat Uranium One Corruption


Rep Louie Gohmert brought a chart to the House hearing with Attorney General Sessions’ to help visualize the extent of Democratic corruption and how it all ties in to the DOJ. He brought it on to Shannon Breem’s Fox News show Tuesday evening to discuss it.

Rep. Gohmert was one of the House members who questioned Attorney General Jeff Sessions Tuesday in what appears to be an absence of an investigation into Uranium One.

The chart outlines relationships between individuals and organizations that need to be investigated. Gohmert said, “The more you get into this the more clear it is this should be the item that has a special prosecutor. And in fact we ought to be looking at Mr. Mueller, we ought to be looking at Mr. Rosenstein.”

Gohmert brought into the hearing a motion to seal records that Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein signed which he believes could have been an attempt to hide evidence and possible collusion by Special Counsel Mueller in Uranium One.

He asked Ms. Breem if she thought they could be objective.

“They were so involved in the initial investigation of Russia trying to corner the market, that should have prevented Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder and others from approving the sale of our uranium to Uranium One and to ultimately with Russia.” He added, “It’s the biggest scandal that there’s ever been in American history.”

Gohmert would like to know what AG Sessions is waiting for.

Anyone who knows Attorney General Sessions, knows he isn’t a liar, but he may not be much of an investigator. For example, when Rep. Bass questioned Sessions about an FBI report warning of black terrorist groups, he didn’t even know of its existence.

Towards the end of the questioning in the video below, Sessions tried to address an earlier question of Gohmert’s suggesting guilt on the part of Rosenstein in allowing the Uranium One deal to be approved at the same time there was an ongoing investigation into bribery of US nuclear transporters by the Russian Federation. The purpose of that was to give Putin a corner on the market.

Sessions said, the “matter that was prosecuted concerning Russian business companies was two years after the CFIUS investigation and that’s when Mr. Rosenstein handled, it was brought to his office, it didn’t hit his office until two years after. And it’s really unrelated to the allegations about Uranium One as I understand it.”

The Uranium deal began at least by 2009, was approved in 2010 and other deals involving Barack Obama continued in 2011 and 2012. The bribery investigation began in 2009. If the DoJ didn’t tie it together, they’re incompetent or they are not telling us everything.

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