Rep Green demands articles of impeachment call Trump a racist


Rep. Al Green said this week that there is no limit to how many times they can impeach the President. They plan to keep investigating him and will keep impeaching him. Green is also one of the people who said he’s afraid if Democrats don’t impeach him, he will win re-election.

Democrats are unhinged over not being able to get rid of Trump and his 62 million followers. They and their media comrades have tried everything. Impeachment is their last recourse. They don’t have a candidate who can win on the merits.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi indicated that she would not proceed with impeachment unless there was bi-partisan support for proceedings. Since no Republicans have agreed to impeach, this is partisan and she is moving ahead anyway.


Green now wants to give so-called examples of Trump’s alleged racism in the actual articles of impeachment. Even Nancy and her crew aren’t that dumb but Green just wants that out there so that 34 % of African Americans who like what the President is doing don’t vote for him.

In a memo to Congress, Green suggested Trump’s a killer. Green suggested his rhetoric fueled a mass shooting that took place in El Paso, Texas, in August 2019 that is being investigated as an anti-immigrant hate crime.

“President Trump’s incitive climate of hate-motivated the white supremacist who committed the El Paso massacre, where he killed some 22 persons and injured some 24 others,” Green wrote.

“If the congressional Republicans of 1868 impeached President Johnson for his abusive, incitive, racist comments causing harm, why can’t the Congress of 2019 impeach President Trump for his abusive, incitive, racist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, transphobic comments causing harm to society?”

Green is friends with the lunatic Louis Farrakhan to give you an idea of how far-out Green is.  Farrakhan hates whites, Jews, Christians, and America.

When asked for comment on the congressman’s memo, White House deputy press secretary Steven Groves accused Green of a purely partisan attack.

“This is an unsurprising sentiment coming from the congressman who wants to impeach President Trump so that he doesn’t get reelected,” Groves said of the memo.

Meanwhile, Green had no problem when Barack Obama paraded around with the hard-left supremacists Black Lives Matter stirred up anti-police, anti-white riots.


The hard-left Green has called for the President’s impeachment over and over and made a point of saying there doesn’t have to be a crime.

Comrade Green began introducing articles of impeachment four months into Trump’s presidency.

Green wanted Trump impeached for saying impeachment is a “lynching”.

He railed that Trump is a racist and must be impeached.

Green wanted him impeached for tweets. Impeach him for saying there are “s***hole” countries,

Green said. Trump is Hitler, said Green, so he introduced articles of impeachment.


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