Rep. Green says impeachment began when Trump “was running for office”


Rep. Al Green has, in the past, indicated that Democrats had to impeach the President so that he doesn’t get re-elected. He decided to be very honest with Steve Hayes this week. MSNBC host Stephen Hayes noted with a tinge of sarcasm that Republicans accuse Democrats of wanting to impeach the President for two years. Then he got the answer he didn’t expect.


“You just mentioned political expediency and insincerity, those are two charges that have been leveled against Democrats during this entire affair, particularly since September when the formal impeachment inquiry started. And you played a historic role in those charges.”

Hayes continued, “The argument goes like this, House Republicans and Trump and his allies is basically the Democrats want to impeach, Donald Trump from day one, they cast about for a set of facts that they could plausibly use to do it, and all of it was contextual and reversed engineered to get to this point. Exhibit one, congressman Al Green who has been calling for the man’s impeachment for two years now, what’s your response to that charge.

He didn’t expect the answer he got. His sarcasm was aimed at Republicans thinking Green would say the idea was absurd.

Green said, remarkably, “Well the genesis of impeachment to be very candid with you was when the President was running for office.”

After that, he blamed it on Republicans saying he was unfit for office. He pointed to Mitt Romney in particular. It’s not surprising that never-Trump Republicans helped cause this mess. They’re worse hypocrites than the Democrats.

How in the world could anyone ever think this entire impeachment is fair? This comment should help kill it. It needs to be spread far and wide.

You should know that Green is a hard-left lawyer who associates with Farrakhan.

He has called for the President’s impeachment from the beginning and said Democrats plan to keep impeaching Trump. Green wanted to impeach the President when he called some countries, s***holes,” when he tweeted, when he said impeachment is like a lynching, and to atone for slavery. Green also said he should be impeached because he’s Hitler-like.


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