Rep Ilhan Omar Says People Here Illegally Are ‘Undocumented Americans’


Democrats will do anything to keep our border open, even to the point of welcoming criminals. The deportations coming up are of people ordered out and they have criminal backgrounds. Since they don’t want to separate families, they might be leaving also. Ilhan Omar and AOC are determined to keep them here.

Just as American as you are

Democrats first called the illegal aliens ‘undocumented’ and conflated illegal with legal immigrants. The PC police won’t let us use the legal term ‘illegal alien’ on social media. Now they are calling the illegal aliens ‘undocumented Americans.’

No, they’re not, at least not how they mean it. They do not belong here.

Earlier today, Elizabeth Warren, who is now calling for open borders, said they are every bit American as people born here.

“Immigrants have always been a vital source of American strength. They grow our economy and make our communities richer and more diverse,” Warren wrote in a statement. “They are our neighbors, our colleagues, and our friends — and every bit as much a part of America as those who were born in the United States.”

It must be the latest mantra of the far-left Democrats.

Omar and Warren are anti-American.

Look at the Bolshevik fists. How obvious do they have to be?

American citizens are becoming dehumanized with all the criminals piling into the country. Oh, wait, we can’t call it a country any longer because we don’t have borders.

    • Trump 2020…a landslide please…Then time for a reassessment of the “emigres” over the last 20 years( that should take care of Omar and suchlike )…and the return of ALL illegal aliens to point of origin…

  • None of these criminal trespassers are Americans. Most are here to exploit the wealth of our country all the while retaining allegiance to the sewer from where they came. And also for those who came legally and became naturalized citizens of the United States, it takes more that taking an oath of citizenship to be an American. Being an American in spirit means living up to and defending the ideals of our founders and loving the United States, our culture and our capitalist system no matter who is our president or controls Congress. Omar took that oath and proves every day with every breath she takes she is no American.